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As of typing this I've moved a few seconds into the abyss making this the new present... Dang it I can't keep up with the future... If you means who here is already celebrating 2019 well that is 14.5 hours away for me. ~Tranq~
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31-Dec-2018 15:37:40

FiFi LaFeles
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Well I suppose I'd better make a start on beautifying myself for yet another round of festive merry-making, and munch down some more Paracetomol. I think it might be a bit of relief to get back to boring normality in about 8 hours time. Meanwhile:


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31-Dec-2018 16:04:06

Dong U Dead

Dong U Dead

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I was in-game for the New Years, then later watched a video Foxtrot (Hebrew) well, I started to watch the video which I was enjoying when I fell asleep through it, so I am still yet to finish it <- the reason I was up till early hours of the morning is that I fell asleep earlier New Years Eve evening watching a different video Call Me By Your Name when I fell asleep, this video I too enjoyed and I loved the words the father used towards his son at the end of the video, it made me wish that I had a mother that communicated to me/with me in that fashion, not the reason the dad talked to the son, but that intellectual side of it.

I don't know what this year will bring, I live for my boys nothing more - ones off to intermediate (middle school), even though he stays in the same school so they certainly grow up fast, I hope he has a good teacher - he's only had one good teacher in all those years at school and kindy sadly and that one good teacher was terrible towards my second child.
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