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I was mining Dark Animica ore when it stated that Your daily gathering limit will not allow you to gather from this location <- this was one ore after reaching 75% of my daily gathering. So I thought ok that's me done for today. But for some reason I tried clicked on willow log and gathered more items, then I tried Dark Animica ore again and nope it wouldn't let me, then I went back to willow, then I tried herb divine and I was able to gather but not from the Dark Animica ore

- My question is Why was I not able to finish my gathering with Dark Animica ore? Is there a limit to how much you can gather from certain items before your daily limit is up? Or have I found a glitch??

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Resources gained from divine locations have different "resource counts", a value that determines how much each "harvest" from a divine location depletes your daily limit. Dark animica has a much bigger resource count than willow logs do, so you could still harvest willow logs, because your daily limit allowed it.
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