Masterwork ruined melee armor

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Faded Entity said:
Thunder Jinx said:
Well PvM dropped armour ruined player made equipment over 10 years ago, so wasn't it about time they fixed their mistake?

Thought I was the only one who felt like this.

Being able to supply yourself with viable gear without having to jump through flaming hoops every scaping second of the day? Sign me up for that. I'm a casual, I guess. I'd take my 90+ combat and gear to cwars or soul wars if they weren't dead and be completely satisfied.

Thanks jamflax for this one
I agree with both of you. There are many ways to play RuneScape and PVM has been the center of attention for far too long. Why is there a combat council but not a skilling council? Good to see some balance back in the game. Now for some mage and range gear...
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19-Jan-2019 13:15:36

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