Jadinkos in Big Game Hunter...

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double surge was released with bgh for a reason

with mobility perk double surge and blade dive you should always be able to escape

if you dont have those things, get them then.

unlocking shit so u can do other shit is how these games work

12-Aug-2019 13:12:26

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Fist of Rage said:
i'm just trying to do it to complete the mini quest its too hard you hardly are able to escape they move to fast and always changing direction and the safe spots are very far away to the point sometimes you need to go the very edge to almost leaving the hunt either make them slower or reduce the radius when they hurt these creature. it frustrating ,no fun and waste of time :@

not going be surprised how quick it will become dead content

That would make BGH even more easy than it is now. Content that has no challenge whatsoever is boring. You really need to use surge (double surge is even better) and bladed dive properly to do BGH.

If you're in front of the dinosaur, don't try and outrun it the same direction as it is travelling (without using surge/bladed dive) as it moves at the exact same speed as you. It is recommended to move in the opposite direction of travel, or use bladed dive to move out of the detection radius in a controlled manner.

Often times, it is worth taking a breather in tall grass or near the edge of the arena to observe the movement of the dino, as there is a pattern. It's better to be cautious, rather than greedy, as you waste time when you get caught.

Read this article on RS Wiki if you need more advice on how to do BGH properly:
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Apparently even though on the front page poll(it's fourth) and based on players feedback jagex couldn't care if this content lasts.

I can't see this change that no-one asked for to be revered, after seeing the J-mod who made it on live stream, he's very stubborn its his content, he doesn't care if this content is long lasting, no-one can tell him how to make content.

this is a current theme at jagex, jagex making content for themselves not the player base.

To make it worse the trolls on the forums( you know who you are) are not even acknowledging this in any way and still defending jagex.
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