Is Tectonic the next to die?

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Jeremy Cheng
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Jeremy Cheng

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Will jagex mess up how tectonic armor looks like how they messed up sirenic? Copying the horrible artist who inspired how current sirenic looks like right now is the worse way to alienate the rich players and waste billions of gp (dyed).

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Seeing the video of the tect, it looks absolutely amazing. Waiting for the t92 to drop so I can upgrade mine ^.^ Sincerely, Last of the remaining summoning tanks

11-Jul-2018 20:23:37



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They should add retro armours of any armour that get's a grapical upgrade to the solomanz store, the model exists so why discard it? (dyed armours should only be able to be equiped as long as you have the dyed version yourself). EXP is not important, it's important to have fun and play with your friends.:) -Lopendebank3

11-Jul-2018 21:09:00

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