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I always brag to ftp and p2p old school players and rs3 members about rs3 ftp players having a few of the following previous p2p benefits: rune crossbows, rune defender, blue dhide armour, blue and green dragons, dragon bones, magic logs, fletching skill, maple trees, and the ability to sell or bank p2p items as a nonmember. However, not all the of the same benefits as old school. So I even compare what's ftp on rs3 compared to osrs such as the following: castle wars, gilded armour, ring of coins, rune god armours (bandos, armadyl, zaros). Several of the old school players and rs3 members have said that the jagex team made ftp great again. I couldn't agree more.

P.S. p2p=pay to play. Ftp=free to play.

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