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Have seemed to have restored a little faith back into me and proved a more valuable asset to the company than a lot of actual staff.

CM Neriphyra

CM Nick

Thank you for acting like you care and not just after us for our social media follows.

Much love

Scouse Mr hard to please
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19-Oct-2018 21:51:31

CM Neriphyra

CM Neriphyra

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Thank you so much Scouse for your kind words, please know that it is truly a teamwork effort with the whole team and the Forum Moderators too, which we must also use this occasion to thank.

We hope to keep continuing our efforts to make the forums a comfortable place for all to enjoy and more! :D

20-Oct-2018 17:47:51

CM Nick

CM Nick

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Thanks so much for the kind words, Scouse - very much appreciated!

The forums are a wonderful place full of interesting discussions and personalities, and our goal is to make them as pleasant and enjoyable as we can for everyone. We've been trying to integrate into the forums and the community as much as possible, and have really been enjoying interacting with everyone and helping out whenever we can (and for me, brushing up on my rusty RS knowledge and skills with all of your help, so thank YOU!)

And as well, like Neriphyra said, we happen have the amazing support of a great and dedicated team on our side, and a wealth of knowledgeable and friendly FMods to help guide us, so we're extremely lucky there :)

21-Oct-2018 19:43:40

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