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The PoF update has been really enjoyable so far, even though I've not progressed very far with it. I enjoy having some variety to train my farming skill, as it's a skill I've been avoiding for a while as the original mechanics always put me off. Some things of note that I enjoy about PoF:
- The size of the area to work with.
- Having it part of the normal world rather than being similar to a PoH or Clan citadel.
- The Music , definitely one of the best scores in game for a while.
- The disease and cure mechanic with livestock.
- Amusing facts about each animal.
- The general breeding/selling mechanics are more enjoyable than simply growing a crop.

A few very minor things that feel a little off:
- There doesn't seem to be many names for animals, I've had a lot of chickens with the same names.
- The breeding rates seem a little low at the moment, not by much but leaving it to chance rather than make it a set time for certain animals leads me to teleport back every 5 minutes to check. I'm sure there's some reason why it's the way it is, but maybe a notification or something when animals have bred would be useful.

03-Jan-2019 13:37:14

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I agree with everything you are saying.

I just jumped back into Runescape after being off for like 10 or so years. I'm instantly hooked back into the game and been grinding hard to get my combat level up. After hours and hours of the grind, I find the PoF to be very stress relieving and relaxing. You can just chill and tend to your animals and have fun watching them breed and grow.

I look forward to more PoF updates in the future

05-Jan-2019 04:23:13

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