Dumb idea for bank spaces

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For each bank slot a Runescape player has, Jagex has to store enough room to contain a 32-bit integer and an item. This is extremely large. As a result, Jagex has to be very careful with giving us bank spaces. At least, unless the following extremely silly idea gets implemented.

Consider this: Jagex gives players the option to ~double their current bankspace, for free, and also potentially improve their security. However, players have to be certain they can preserve a chunk of data Jagex gives them at all costs, or else they could potentially lose access to their bank, forever.

Under the hood, here's the reason Jagex does this: they can offload a lot of their storage requirements on the player. The player is given a file containing the contents of their bank, and Jagex merely reads that file to determine what their bank is when they play. Of course, this on its own would be wildly, wildly insecure, but it can actually be made secure with a few caveats. Jagex would need to store a checksum of each player's bank account, so that they can detect if players try to change their accounts and ban them as a result. This checksum, however, would obviously be cheaper than the whole bank. This checksum would be:

-computed server-side
-use a secure and computationally expensive hashing algorithm

so, as a player, if I want to edit my bank account, I have to somehow decipher the file format of my bank (which can be encrypted), somehow discover what the checksum for my account's current bank is (basically requires a major leak), and then try out permutations of my bank that have the same checksum and make it through any additional sanity/security checks but have enough new valuable items to justify the monetary investment of getting the computational power to compute this. This is very unlikely.

This doesn't solve Jagex's issue of storing data for millions of inactive accounts that will never take this opportunity, and it's very risky if someone does exploit it, but hey.
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Although the number is probably inaccurate, the highscores have two million names on it.

We currently have a maximum of 1271 bank spaces as members with all unlocks from Solomon's store.

Each slot probably takes something in the area of 1kB, when considering the amount of data each slot needs to store and likely it isn't done in the most efficient manner possible.

We're looking at around 2 terabytes of storage for all the banks of every player.

2 terabytes is nothing when you're talking commercial server space.

They could easily give us 10 times the bank space.

They don't for a different reason than the server space.

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