Hunter Minigame

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Imagine setting out on a hunt with 4 of your friends, searching for beasts of lore; the hunt for big game. You would head deep into thick natured wilderness areas where you must track the giant beast to the battle location, traversing fallen trees and other obstacles. When you're finally led into a clearing, you see the epic creature wandering about. Ideally, snares would be set in various locations. The beast would then be lured through these snares for damage as well as a slow effect. Hawks provided at the beginning of the hunt must be used in rotation by players to mitigate damage by severely reducing the creatures accuracy. Nothing can be done about the beasts massive hits other than protection prayers. Once slain, each player receives a large amount of hunter xp, and an assortment of potential drops. Perhaps some of the creatures remains could be traded to an NPC for useful items. Question everything

14-Dec-2018 21:55:19

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