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Mod William

Mod William

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If you've been itching to give Chronicle: RuneScape Legends a go, your wait is nearly over – our new strategy card game hits open beta on March 23rd!

This is your chance to try Chronicle's unique quest-building gameplay. You'll pit iconic RuneScape Legends against monsters, load up on loot and uncover treasures – all with the aim of beating your rival player in a final epic showdown.

Look out for more information – coming soon – on the Chronicle website and Twitter feed!

Back from Closed Beta?

If you've already been involved in testing Chronicle, you'll find a whole load of goodies when Open Beta hits. Just our way of saying things for your help so far:

  • Early Access: Closed Beta participants get a head start from March 16th!

  • Rewards: a title, card back, emblem and cache of copper coins, for your help so far.

You'll find the game expanded with a host of new features, too:

  • New Legends: Vanescula on Beta launch, and Morvran soon after

  • Dungeoneering: a new mode featuring draft decks, PvP challenges and rich rewards

  • Customisation: show off your style with Legend skins and skilling-themed titles

  • New Locations: Wilderness Crater and the Barrows are open for your adventures

  • Better Game Performance: Chronicle will run more smoothly than ever before – and look better to boot

See you in the beta!

We can't wait to get a fresh wave of new players into Chronicle, alongside the old veterans. Everyone's progress will be reset, and there'll be new Legends and cards in the mix.

Everything's to play for – so get involved with the Chronicle Open Beta this March!

The Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Team

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Sir Matej5

Sir Matej5

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I must say I really enjoyed playing the closed beta (I even defeated Mod Merchant once tho :P).

But I don't like it in what direction it's going... As I'm F2P kind of guy I probably won't play it when it comes out fully because it will turn in pay to win kind of game, when you'll be able to buy card packs for real money.

That's the only thing that is bothering me.

The game play itself is kinda awesome! Great idea, good graphics... Everything is prety nice :)

Good luck with improvements!

17-Feb-2016 17:48:41

Syra Valero

Syra Valero

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Haven't tried Chronicle yet, not because uninterested, but just don't have the time.

But nevertheless, best of luck on further improving and beta testing. And I hope those continuing to play will have some all around good fun :).

Ahn ~
~ Rho

17-Feb-2016 17:58:46



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So I Downloaded the game and launched it, but the game didn't worked, it always stop working when the Jagex logo appeared, but still got the access key, do I get the goodies? If not I downloaded the game from my other computer at the worst moment to realize the closed beta is completed, do I get the exclusive rewards or not? :(

17-Feb-2016 19:18:52

Aero Dynamik

Aero Dynamik

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Great game, I hope you developers took notice on all our feedback because without the numbers the open beta wont do well! You know what happened to Chronicle? Nothing. Just like what happened to the Stone of Jas.

18-Feb-2016 00:16:36

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Reading "Better Game Performance" has me super stoked for the next round of Beta! :)

(My first times through crashed a bit, so I'm excited to get back in the game this next time!)

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18-Feb-2016 05:47:49

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