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As is stands now I believe that the same world shops are different for ironman players and regular players. As they should be. However I have come across a few of the in game shops that have become overstocked. I assume because another ironman has sold inventory to get gp. This can be a problem because now an ironman can no longer purchase anything from the store.

I will use the ardougne gem trader as an example. Since it has potentially useful items notably the ruby in stock.

The stock is as follows

Sapphire 2
Emerald 1
Ruby 1
Diamond 0

So if I were to come around and sell a few rubies to the gem trader. The number in stock would increase. And the shop stops eliminating excess stock after 3. So now the stock will forever remain at 3 rubies.

Now an ironman will never be able to purchase a ruby from that store. Ever!

Unless the shop continues to eliminate excess stock back to 1.

I propose an easy fix. Just allow shops to continue eliminating any excess until it reaches the regular stock. At least for ironman.

I understand that there are alternative routes to obtain shop items, and I understand that this is not really a big issue. But still the purpose of the shop is to sell stuff. Should this not be fixed? Let me know what you guys think.
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I care because being an ironman you are still allowed to take advantage of buying things from stores. imagine not being able to buy feathers or buckets or even tinderboxes because shops have too many of them in stock from other ironman selling them to the store. Mind you these items are never normally a problem because numerous shops sell them and nobody takes advantage of selling them back to a general store. Eventually the stock of the item goes back down and you can purchase them again. Some stores do not eliminate excess stock back to regular though and some stores have notable things to buy. What about dscim from monkey merchant.

Another example might be the barbarian village helm store. A lot of ironman will go there to puchase gear that they may need to complete a cluescroll or something that they might need for a quest. If that equipment is overstocked, an ironman can't purchase it.

@rishinger l
Being an ironman the game prevents you from buying things that are overstocked in a store. this is to prevent other ironman selling a mass inventory of say gems, arrows, runes, things like that to a store and another ironman buying them back for cheap.
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@Rishinger l

It is true that I can world hop, It is how I have been able to get around it thankfully because a
lot of new worlds have been released. but as I said about the ardougne gem trader, 90% of the worlds already have ruby gems that are overstocked. And they will forever be overstocked because an ironman can't buy the rest of them out.

Like I mentioned it is a small problem with the shops. Nothing that can't be worked around. I just think that they should work as they were intended you know?
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I don't think this is a suggestion, its sound like a bug to me.

I never ironman so I never knew this, i always thought shops are different for every ironman

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