Volcanic ashes BOTS

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Mar Member 2019


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Dear Jagex team and Runescape community,

I have one last hope that this post will make something happen.

I have been mining Volcanic ashes in Fosil Island for one week already and I am done. Every world that I go, in every world are the same bots mining ashes 24/7. I made multiple reports, but its not changing. Whats going on with this ? When I stand and watch I see that all these bots have identical running route, they do same thing and steps over and over again, but they are still here.

I have to change worlds to fight for Volanic ashes with BOTS?

Do something guys ! Do something
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09-Jan-2019 15:09:55

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Been seeing the same thing repetitive movements always have the same movement path and never respond Veteran player old school to rs2 to eoc to quitting then back to osrs

09-Jan-2019 19:24:24

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