Further Balancing Tweaks

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My Thoughts:

Serpentine Helm
: Seems a bit more 'fair' , bu I still don't understand why it must remain at the same str bonus as the neitznot helm.

Elite Void
: Seems alright

Zulrah Drop Adjustments

I disagree strongly with this part from yesterday's Dev Blog

As a part of this change, we have also replaced some of Zulrah's resource drops with items which will have a less significant economic impact on skillers."

Magic Logs
are protected by their alch value, so replacing them with Yew Logs was silly - especially with Wintertodt beng the more popular (and free) fremaking activity I don't see Magic Logs at all rising to the sate of Skillers.
Magic Log drops didn't negatively impact skilling.

Mahogany Planks
are protected by the plank make price, if anything even if the costs of planks rise (
like they really need to
), running planks to the sawmill has nothing to do with skilling. Now, the most extraordinarily expensive skill in-game will be that much pricier, ironically to the adversity of skillers.

The Shark nerf
at least fits the narrative, but this won't"revive" shark fishing unless the proposed diary buff offers a significant chance for multiple catch (similar to Dark Crabs/ Wild Diary).

You should've replaced the Shark Drop with Karambwan instead, with strong sanction imposed on the efficiency of Tiadeche's shop; All Karambwan in-game ar brought in through gold-farming and bots (it will never be popular with payers).

Replacing Sharks with Karambwan in conjunction with shop sanctions would've allowed a similar profit to the old Shark Drop, without impacting skillers, while also harming the goldfarming and botting communities.

If drop have to remain, then m proposal is this: Revert all the nerfs and instead adjust the farming/herb table more.
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wootKieli said:
Why did you make void back to be inconsistent? How hard it can be to make consistent content? Make elite void have 12.5% on all styles.
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Maybe discuss these ideas publically before implementing them in future. This whole idea of releasing unpolled changes and seeing how the community reacts, then correcting the mistakes, seems unprofessional and disrespectful. We're not guinea pigs, we work hard for some of the things that are getting messed around with.

My suggestion thread on this matter:
'Communication is key'

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