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it is illegal to use the OSBuddy client to play OSRS, because I was playing specifically I was increasing the mining skill doing Power mining and as it is a very tedious and repetitive task I got tired of my eyesight, I fell asleep without realizing it and when I woke up my account I had a ban for using macro I do not understand why since I understand the osbuddy is not illegal

(This is not the account received by the ban)

sorry my bad english i'm using the google translator

07-Aug-2019 20:00:51

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Is it outright prohibited by the rules, no. However, OSBuddy literally used to be a botting client, it is a client made by an author of bots, and exists on technology originally built for botting. It is use at your own risk, and one of these risks is the ex botting client still has signatures of being a bot to the bot detection system.

If you can appeal this and explain to Jagex it was only OSBuddy, they may quash the offense. However, this is the equivilent to Jagex as painting a target on your back and being annoyed that it occasionally gets shot at.

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You use it at your own risk.

Me personally I would stick to the Jagex client and then you won't have to worry about a macro ban or a hacked account.

I would move this to Community Help but you are new to the forums and you may have issues finding the thread again.
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make an appeal but it does not leave me a text box to indicate that I used osbuddy I only got options and the only one I saw in accordance with my possible ban was to select third-party programs

What I was doing was a very repetitive action like mining in a spot and emptying my inventory and I already had several hours in it, I was already at level 57 in mining and had all morning in it

the name of my banned account is Dilliingee

I put the name in case any moderator sees the post

I like to use the Osbuddy since it has good options as a button that sends me to the wiki to investigate things that I don't know since I am new and for youtube several people use it

07-Aug-2019 20:40:26

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Hey Razpu.

I would suggest you to look into this article :

Read it all on that page and nudge a appeal.

As they other 2 said about OSBuddy , is that really a 3rd party client , and Jagex stance about using those are done in your own risk , they do not support it or endorse i.

Just because streamers and video makers are using it or other clients , do that not mean the are approved by Jagex ;)

I know some use those clients and never get into any trouble , but sadly are there a lot getting in trouble by using them.
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The third party client is open source.
This allows anyone with the will to do so to manipulate the programming to include all sorts of hidden nasty stuff then redistribute it to innocent looking download sites.

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