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I'm almost certain my account was hijacked. Don't know how, but the email was changed with the password. I only really remember my payment details for membership, which are saved on there. So even more cause for concern. Is it possible to get it back? This is my old account.

05-Aug-2019 22:29:23

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Sorry to hear you were hacked. I would highly advise that you follow the steps here:

Without the proper recovery information it will definitely be more difficult to recover your account but not necessarily impossible. When you're filling out the recovery form, make sure you include as much detail as you can, previous passwords and payment information are really helpful to Jagex to prove that the account is yours.

If you are able to recover your account, make sure to secure your account (and your computer!) right away to prevent the hacker from gaining access to your account again. Make sure you check your computer for viruses, change/secure your contact e-mail, change your password, and enable authenticator. These steps are essential to prevent you from getting hacked again.

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