hijacked account.

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Can you guys at least ban the last account to trade with me? The guy took absolutely everything of worth I owned. I was at pest control training when i am logged out and i cant log back in because somebody was on my account. I am then in grand exchange with nothing. Been playing for a couple days and my friend gave me stuff which now i lost all of it. He took a bunch of runes, arrows, whips, wizard g and about 5 mill. I think I got phished somewhere and i got the old phising url in my history if jagex wants it.

08-Aug-2019 10:40:28

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you can send details to, they will look into the Hijacking but
you wont hear a reply.

You can send them the URL but break it up with a few spaces or it wont be
accepted. The computer wont let it go to the correct people it will just
bounce back to you.

You need to also do a scan of your computer for virus and such. When
you were logged out at pest control he had control your your account.

You can always follow the "bootlock my account" if you have control of
the correct information as to be owner of the account.

I hate this happend but you need to make sure you have a secure computer
then change passwords and put an authenticator on account, 2fa on your
email and a bank pin inside the game.

Best of luck
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08-Aug-2019 10:50:37

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Hey XchangeClerk.

AS the lady above said , do you really need to look into all of your security again , so this is what i would suggest you to do :


2. (if you also played on your phone)

(just in case)



If your scans comes back saying NO TREATS found , then do you really need to look into all program/apps/clients you have pulled down.

Since you didn't report in-game , then can you report it to that email which the lady above told about , keep in mind that is a NO reply email , so you will not hear anything back , but they will look into it.
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