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Jul Member 2019


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4 accounts.

1 main

3 alt accounts from friends I know and trust.

The main account was banned for "Macroing". This ban was permanent and was denied upon appeal. (I did not macro, it is possible that the bot/macro detection picked up my work stuff, as I logged while I was working a couple of times.)(also possible there is some bug with the mobile application)

A friend

Account 1: 100% of the time was botted and the account was banned for ONE DAY after about 1 week.

Account 2: Botted for 80% of the time and was banned for ONE DAY.

Account 3: The last alt was logged in from a different IP and botted one time and was caught very quickly was given perm ban, It was appealed and was accepted. (The account had <15 minutes of human playtime)

So from this, I have two questions.

One: I am going to school for computer science and I am well aware there are hijacking possibilities that use the owners IP rather than the hijackers, Is there any way that this is something that could be detected and corrected, to avoid people who were hacked with this application to be banned.

Two: How does Jagex catch obvious bots and release them back after one day? But the account I have literally put 1000's of hours into is banned PERMANENTLY after one supposed macro? I really enjoy the game and would hate to have to do anything shady to get back to where I was before, and back to enjoying the game.

I do love this game and I wish that the Jagex moderators would communicate with me to work with me on this situation! please and thanks!


08-Aug-2019 23:55:17

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Hi DukeBaroni,

Your ban appeal was processed and an outcome sent to you on 8 July 2019.

I've closed this thread as your ban appeal has been used and there is no further options available.

Thats from Mod Stevew.

This is locked as you have been told nothing can be done. I suggest you stop making more threads as action could be taken against the account.
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10-Aug-2019 07:46:36

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