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Hello Kilisfun,

Welcome to the forums. :)

While I see you are asking for some information to keep your account safe, your above post has been hidden (for your protection), as it contained an e-mail address. This is personal information that can be used against you, so posting it on a public forum is not the best idea. :P

For your convenience, I have quoted your above post without the email address:

kilisfun said:
yes i have never clicked links since my last account got banned probs because of something like this but it was from the legit (at least it looked like it) runescape email.
this is what the email said and that is not my email so i immediately changed my password.
Your account log-in details remain unchanged but your registered email address for all future password resets will be : [redacted]

All the best,
• Kathy •

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10-May-2019 16:58:16

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