2003 acount hacked and robbed

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nathin raul

nathin raul

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So i logged in after a month break

All of my security had been cleared

My account bank and money had been emptied..

Is it possible to recover trim custom fit masterwork ( its untradable but gone)
Is there anything i can do to recover my 16 years of wealth? Or do i just completely quit the game

09-Aug-2019 01:55:37

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Hi there
nathin raul

If your security was cleared off the account, it means the hijacker has access to your email.
It is only through access to the registered email that Authenticator can be removed.

However that would not give them your Bank PIN number.
They would had to wait out the time delay on PIN cancellation.

Please secure your email - change its password right away.
Jagex has a page of instructions: Keeping your email secure

Then work to re-secure your Runescape account:
* change its password
* set Authenticator and a Bank PIN up again.

Very sadly, whatever you have lost is not replaced by Jagex.
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09-Aug-2019 07:05:46

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