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Long story short, my first account ever from 2006 was hijacked and banned for botting. Now I know I can't appeal this and I don't mean to, despite the heavy sentimental value I have for that account, I just didn't use it anymore. What I'm curious about though, is I want to see how far the botting got it. Since it had been permanently banned, I can not find the account on the hiscores, is there a way to contact jagex and just... ask them to send me its final stats? It would bring a bit of closure to me.

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Hi there

A macroing offence (botting) most certainly CAN be appealed.

If you haven't tried already, it is worth a try though you will only get the one chance.
Information and appeal button: Account Bans

Try to get the account back into the game as that will be the only way you can find out the information you want.
Jagex won't release any game activity information about banned accounts.
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