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over a year ago i was banned from runescape, for major abuse of a macro. at the time i didnt even know what a macro was but i then found out it was botting. i am here to make the case that i was not botting, in-fact i had not been botting since the creation of my account of about 14 years ago now. i had sent in an appeal about a week after my ban very anxiously, and got denied

over that year period i was banned i started trying to find any way that i could contact someone for better, if any, assistance. i ventured the forums, twitter, facebook peacefully looking for any way to help me in my case. in the following weeks leading up to over a year i lost interest in the game. recently an upsurge in me wanted to play runescape again but knowing the tragedy of my account that had obviously gotten hacked was banned i was slightly reluctant. i took back to forums, twitter, and instagram this time to continue to ask politely for some help which i have never even seen any help from to this day.

i have been playing this game faithfully since i was in 5th grade and i am just out of college now. through the start i have never once botted, but i cant say i have a clean record, when i was young (about in middle school) i was muted for a day for chat abuse. that is the only crime i have ever committed on runescape. it is appalling that someone can rack up such and extensive and long history inside of runescape and receive no help on recovering an account. i have logged thousands of hours on my account.

mod stevew. i was either hacked or you banned me for using mobile. when i was banned i was playing mobile only at work and not often, while crafting blood runes. if you did determine i was botting, then i was hacked because i dont bot. i did everything jages suggested me to do to secure my account safety. but you guys cant even prevent getting ddosed on your own DMM tournies so i really dont understand how you come up with your answer.

07-Aug-2019 15:06:20

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Help and advice has been posted by Head of Community Management Mod Stevew

Because you came back on an alt account to carry on the disruption I've now gone ahead and removed you from the forums for a while until Jagex review your recent actions here on this account and your alt other accounts.

If you keep coming back on alt's then they will be removed without warning and refered to Jagex for review.

I suggest you stop posting as the disruption is not needed or welcomed and will not help get your account back no matter how many alts you use.
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07-Aug-2019 15:11:09

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