Unable to login in another acc

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I am unable to log into my main account. This was the first attempt to log in for the day on the main account.

"Too many login attempts. Please wait a few minutes before trying again." is the message I receive when attempting to log into the game.

"You have been blocked from logging in. Please try again later." was the message I received while attempting to log onto the forums.

It's been longer than 90 minutes since the first login attempt.

I've attempted to login on mobile with wifi turned off and on mobile data. Same message.

I've changed my password (twice) to see if this had any changes in the messages. It did not.

08-Aug-2019 08:08:17

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I had same message for almost 40 min yesterday morning but after I restarted my
browser it was fine. I do know if just waiting a bit to log on will help you as it did me.

Just wanted you to know that it got fixed after I just X'd out and restarted the client.

Maybe if this continues someone can come along with more help for you.
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08-Aug-2019 10:54:41

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