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Primal Binds
Aug Member 2018

Primal Binds

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Could you add a toggle for the right click to bring down drop down menu? Currently you long tap (tap and hold) to do so. This severely slows down many actions such as using tel*portation jewelry or using bones on a guilded alter. It makes things like training prayer and runecrafting a real pain on mobile.

There's an option to always right click but then that slows down all other actions like walking, banking, etc...

Can there be a togglable option to switch right click from long tap to double tap? This would speed up the process just enough to make things like runecrafting, prayer, and construction training viable on mobile.

You'd wanna leave long tap as an option for things like agility or eating food, you don't wanna cancel the action and bring drop down menu when spam tapping to eat or go over an obstacle.

31-Dec-2018 09:56:35

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