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Hey everyone, I haven't played runescape for years but was really happy to get a chance to play it again using the mobile app as I haven't owned a computer since moving out a few years back. I had never before become a member but one of my friends who plays regularly recommended I invest in a bond to experience the game fully. He also helped me get off the ground by gifting me some old holiday items like party hat sets that I could sell to purchase some starting gear. Anyway I tried to log in a few days ago and was greeted with the message saying my account was banned and that I could check the website to see the reason and any evidence they had found, the ban was for using macro software which I don't understand fully but believe it involves using bots to play the game. I can guarantee that I have never used any kind of bot and have only ever logged into my new account on my mobile. The ban ended earlier today and I have logged in to find all my armor and weaponry gone and all of my friends gifts gone also. How can I go about proving that this was a mistake their end and get my stuff back? I've lost a lot of respect for this game, the most annoying part is that for the first time after playing this game for 5+ years over a 12 year period I've actually payed for membership and this happens.
I'm worried that if I start playing again, two weeks from now its going to happen again for no reason and I'll lose all my stuff
Sorry for the rant but Im not sure what else to do.

28-Oct-2018 02:19:28



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Before the ban became apparent I was struggling to log into runescape, I was constantly getting the message saying that the servers were full or I hadn't logged out of my previous session. This happened for a day before the ban and was still happening after the ban, I managed to research how to get rid of it and found that changing passwords should work. It did and I managed to log in only to find all my stuff gone. Would this suggest my account had been hacked? All I'm really looking for now is a reason this ban happened, thanks for any help.

28-Oct-2018 13:59:04

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If your stuff is missing then your account may have been hacked and used for botting at some point in time. I would suggest adding an authenticator to your account moving forward. I'm not sure what can be done about your stuff or what the jagex policy is on that but your best bet is to submit a ticket on the support page and hope for the best.

28-Oct-2018 22:27:31

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When something like this happens it is usually because a hijacker is logged into the game on your account.

Don't sit back and wait for your account to log off!
It is possible to force log them out.
Follow the instructions on this thread: Boot/Lock your Account [Info]

If you get access back into your account and find it banned, submit a ban appeal.
Information and appeal button: Account Bans
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