Osrs mobile staking glitch

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I have found a OSRS Mobile Staking Glitch - which cost me 500M.

I challenged someone for a stake after accepting the first screen it went to the second stake screen which is entering the amount you wish to stake with, I then entered 500M did not even click "Accept" on that screen to go to the next screen which you have to accepting again before you even enter the duel. I lost connection on the second screen due to bad internet connection, once I logged back in my 500M was gone, I found it odd so I tested this again myself with 4M. I challenged someone else then when I entered my amount 4M in the second screen again I exited the OSRS Mobile application, logged back in and 4M again was taken from me. I then tested this on my PC with 700k and when I exited the APP my money was still in my Inventory - I have lost 500M from this glitch I am hoping you can look on your side and see I disconnected on the second screen and my 500M money was entered and to be returned back to me due to this glitch, this isn't right and other people will also lose alot of money if this happens to them on OSRS Mobile*


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It's not a glitch! Your phone may had a trojan that let the person control it and he could easily disconnect your account then access it to clean the bank!
And why doing pvp like in phone???
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