Acc. RESET with authenticator?

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Been playing OSRS for a while and leveled up a fair amount, gathered a decent bank and completed some quests.. I went to do the Stronghold of security and had a problem with accessing the rewards. I double checked I had authenticator enabled and I did.. But realised that it keeps you logged in on mobile for ease of use.

I then fully logged out and logged back in again.. To be greeted with my account being wiped and the character standing on tutorial island?

Can this be fixed at all, or is my account completely lost after enabling the authentication on mobile? As I'd hate to think how long it will take to build my account back up to where I was!

31-Dec-2018 12:40:57



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There is 2 different Runescape games! RS3 and OS!
Your old account is on the maingame RS3! OS is some years old game and everyone starts fresh lv 3 in turorial island! You can use your account to play both games but not at same times! You must'** used wrong or other account or you mixed everything up!
RS3 and OS is again two different games!
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For OSRS you need to use your email address, RS3 uses both email and names... I'd advise trying different emails if you have them or even different passwords...
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02-Jan-2019 12:00:04

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Hi Manateeni, I have exactly same issue. Could log back in on levelled OSRS account via game centre, but using name and password brought me to tutorial island. Must be a bug.

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Lithithaley said:
I got a new phone so I don't know my code to get on it how can I get the code back so I can play on my account

did you try logging in with the email your account is signed up with or your ingame name. those are now seperate. you also may have confused your email with your icloud email that you might've signed up with on the account.

08-Feb-2019 23:45:52

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Hi there

If you had Authenticator set on your old phone but you now have a new phone, you will need to disable the old Authenticator and set it up again on your new phone.

Instructions to disable the old Authenticator: Disabling the Authenticator

Instructions to set up a new Authenticator: Setting the Authenticator - Mobile Device
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