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Back in 2016 after old school runescape was made available again, I created an account. I sunk hours into the account, managing to get high levels in combat, 99 firemaking and 99 woodcutting as well. After a while I had to stop playing because of my job, but now that oldschool runescape has come to mobile I was ready to play again!

However, after installing the mobile version and entering my email address and password, I was shocked to see me starting from scratch. Is it just the case that once you make it off tutorial island everything will be restored? Or will it be a totally fresh account?

I then redownloaded the PC launcher for old school runescape, logged in with the same info and there I was, on tutorial island again.
Now, I am aware that accounts older than 2013 were moved to RS3, but my account was made after that time and on the relaunched version of OSRS.

I have logged in with RS3 to double check and see if my account was moved to that, but no, that is also a new what on earth is going on? I am currently so confused and frustrated as my account has potentially just been completely wiped just as I wanted to get back into runescape again.

Any advice or suggestion would be most welcome.

25-Nov-2018 07:41:45

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Hi there

If you downloaded the mobile RS you may have been using a Game Centre login which means you weren't accessing your old pc based game.
And, if you then downloaded the pc launcher and tried to login and found yourself back on Tutorial Island, it indicates that you did not use the same login/password as you used previously.

To retrieve a forgotten login: Forgotten login

It is possible to use your previous OSRS account on mobile.
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