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My brother has been playing oldschool with me since mobile came out and he got hit with a major macro ban while training range on moss giants right next to me.

Wondering if there are any jmods i can contact about the situation.

30-Nov-2018 09:18:24

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The same thing happened to me. Been playing hard for a week straight trying to get my mining up so I could get into the miners guild. I am a truck driver so I have a lot of down top at stops. I’ve been grinding away for days. Work up this morning and logged on. Started mining iron and boom got logged out. Says I was banned. I have never ever been banned before. Never used a bot. This account got muted for using bad language like 8 years ago. But other than that never had a problem. After searching Facebook and some forums i have found that we arnt the only one with the problems. Jagex system is fraudulently banning us for something we arnt doing on mobile. My question is what are they gonna do it about? MrMini92

06-Dec-2018 15:30:18



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I had the same problem but when I would log out it would say I was still logged in sometimes up to like a day or so and this time said I got a macro ban when I've never done anything. Really hope this gets fixed. The account that was banned was blueox45

04-Jan-2019 02:29:30

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Breakfrom NO said:
Can having a silly gameplay name get you banned? My account name was whyknot45 as a joke and it got permanently banned for macroing and I never macroed . Just curious
No, the name would have no connection to the ban.

If Jagex don't like the account name, they would remove it and make you set another name.

If your account has been banned for macroing, either YOU macroed or else SOMEONE ELSE macroed on your account.
If someone else macroed it means your account was not secure.
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I have an account I played on for like a month. Started fresh since my old account transferred to rs3. Wanted to play with buddies so downloaded and started playing osrs. Ended up only playing like a month but now that mobile is out figured I'd give it a go. Tried to sign in but it said account locked. I figured it was locked due to inactivity or something but I head over to my account to see that it was banned for Macroing. Never macroed in my life, only thing I used when I played was osbuddy. So I submitted a ticket thatll apparently take up to 28 days for them to view.

16-Jan-2019 19:17:03

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