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Basically, I use my Game Center to log in. But now I need to use the email from my GC to 2-Step Authenticate, yet when I just used my email to log in, it claimed it was a new acc without a user. I’m super lost, I just want to authenticate, finish the stronghold and stop answering these questions.

04-Dec-2018 13:06:04



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It’s been two days, where are the mods?

Talking about issues with accounts, I have another problem with has me very, very infuriated. I am a player since just about 08-09 and my account was hijacked. Now yes, “why didn’t you use your authentication option?” Well it was because I take breaks and I come back and my account was never hacked. Then you’ll say, “that’s not a good reason.” I agree, seeing as I was hijacked. What angers me thoug is the fact that I CAN. NOT. RECOVER. MY. *******. ACCOUNT.

Excuse my language.

But I put my information and even went as far as to say where I originally set up my account- which is many states away from me... and I was a kid. The in-depth digging I had to do in order to remember all of what I can- wasn’t enough?

Also what’s with this whole “a Jagex Mod will receive your request?” That was sent back to me instantaneously with a denied statement. I want my account back, I’ve spent money on this game and I want what I paid for back in my possession. I can care less about my bank, I want my account back. As a repeating and returning player, I want what is mine. Give it here.

06-Dec-2018 17:21:45

Sean na Gael
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Sean na Gael

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I am sorry that you are having so much trouble.

However, Jagex moderatore do not provide any account support via the forums. They never have and never will.

The best we can do is direct you to the "Support" section, and try to make headway from there:


or, specifically for your issue:


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