A Lone warrior.

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Kraven Rhaal

Kraven Rhaal

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*Kraven sits inside the main room of the of the blue moon tavern, Carefully scanning his surroundings with great interest as his dark green eye's hidden by his trimmed adamant full helm glanced around. Slowly he settled into his seat and his armor creaked and clanked softly having just made a few minor repairs after returning from the underground crevice just outside the barbarian village. His mind flooded with questions and thoughts about his faith and what drives him to continually potentially put his life in harms way to grow his wealth and power and what was it all for. Granted he was skilled in combat but sure he would keep growing his skills with blades and other melee weapons, Sure he dabbled in magic and studied it every chance he got but something was missing. He didn't fear dying for he had a secret of a potentially dark nature. Carefully kraven reaches out and takes his tall bronze mug of frosty cold always and raised it to the slit in his helmet and took a sip savoring the taste and turned his attention back to the people within the inn and got lost once more in self reflection * There is more then meets the eye to me. Do you truly wish to know more

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