King's Dispute

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A king was trying to settle a dispute between 3 of his nobles over the appropriate response for a neighboring country expanding it's borders into the kingdom's territory. Unfortunately, none of the nobles were able to focus on the same subject.

One noble was discussing interrupting trade while another was shouting to the king to send military training exercises to the disputed land. Every noble seemed to have a different approach and the king was getting fed up.

"ENOUGH," the king shouted, exasperated at the prattle of the nobles. The nobles quieted with a small look of fear on their faces. The king let out a deep sigh.

During the silence the he noticed one of the knights servants running across the back of the room with a bundle of arrows in hand.
"Come here boy," the king said,"Let me get a good look at you."
The boy obliged and the king sized him up. He was an exceptionally large boy and would no doubt make a notable knight in the future. The king had an moment of inspiration to getting the nobles to focus on a single topic at a time. "Boy, grab everyone here and throw them on your shoulder," the king commanded.
"At one time your majesty?"
"Aye, and hurry up."
The boy began walking around the room and throwing the nobles over his shoulder, one at a time. Luckily for the boy, each of the nobles was fairly old and frail.
He threw up the first with no issue. The second was also thrown over a shoulder with no issues. He looked at the third with pleading eyes as both arms were in use. The last noble gave a sigh and climbed on the back of the boy.
The king looked at the boy and with a grin said, "Now that we're all on the same page..."

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