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Hello, and welcome to another of my threads! So this thread is a compilation and a collection of the three books I have written that are in the Legendary Warrior series: The Legendary Warrior, The Itav Initev Spy and Rumours of War. The table of contents of each will all be on the next post.
I have been writing for... well, since August of 2009, and that was when I started the first draft of The Legendary Warrior. Since then, my vocabulary and overall writing quality has improved, so I have created about five drafts of The Legendary Warrior. TIIS is on its second draft, and I only have one of RoW, because that is my most recent book. This thread will also, unfortunately, mark the end of an excellent series that I've written. I decided to keep them all in one thread for simplicity, and for the sake of only bumping one thread, not two/three. :P
I hope you enjoy them. :)

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_¸,.‹-•/*°Table of Contents°*\•-›.,¸_

Chapter 1 (Posts 3-8 - Page 1)
Chapter 2 (Posts 9-3 - Pages 1 & 2)
Chapter 3 (Posts 4-8 - Page 2)
Chapter 4 (Posts 9-3 - Pages 2 & 3)
Chapter 5 (Posts 4-8 - Page 3)
Chapter 6 (Posts 9-2 - Pages 3 & 4)
Chapter 7 (Posts 3-6 - Page 4)
Chapter 8 (Posts 7-2 - Pages 4 & 5)
Chapter 9 (Posts 3-7 - Page 5)
Chapter 10 (Posts 8-3 - Pages 5 & 6)
Chapter 11 (Posts 4-7 - Page 6)
Epilogue (Posts 8-9 - Page 6)

The Legendary Warrior was started August 2009 and was finished September 2010.

The Itav Initev Spy (starts page 7 post 1):

_¸,.‹-•/*°Table of Contents°*\•-›.,¸_

Chapter 1 (Posts 1-6 - Page 7)
Chapter 2 (Posts 7-1 - Page 7 & 8)
Chapter 3 (Posts 2-6 - Page 8)
Chapter 4 (Posts 7-1 - Page 8 & 9)
Chapter 5 (Posts 2-5 - Page 9)
Chapter 6 (Posts 6-10 - Page 9)
Chapter 7 (Posts 1-5 - Page 10)
Chapter 8 (Posts 6-10 - Page 10)
Chapter 9 (Posts 1-4 - Page 11)
Chapter 10 (Posts 5-9 - Page 11)
Epilogue (Posts 10-1 - Pages 11 & 12)

The Itav Initev Spy was started October 2010 and was finished September 2011.

Rumours of War (starts page 12 post 4):

_¸,.‹-•/*°Table of Contents°*\•-›.,¸_

Chapter 1 (Posts 4-10 - Page 12)
Chapter 2 (Posts 1-5 - Page 13)
Chapter 3 (Posts 6-1 - Pages 13 & 14)
Chapter 4 (Posts 2-8 - Page 14)
Chapter 5 (Posts 9-6 - Pages 14 & 15)
Chapter 6 (Posts 7-2 - Pages 15 & 16)
Epilogue (Posts 3-6 - Page 16)

Rumours of War was started October 2011 and was finished January 2012.

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~-~Chapter 1~-~

"You ready, John?"

"Of course, Jodie."

The two parents walked up the stairs and entered the girl's bedroom. There, lying in her bed, was Naomi, a ten year old girl. She was on her side with her puddle-blue eyes closed. Slowly, she opened them. "What?" she asked curiously, brushing some light brown hair out of her eyes to see her mum and dad clearer.

"Erm... we need to tell you something," her mum answered softly, sitting on the edge of the bed with her husband. "Tomorrow you're going to have to leave."

Naomi's eyes widened. "But...why?" she questioned timidly.

"We're sending you off to learn to fight. The beginning of a war is happening, and we think you have potential to be a fighter," her dad replied, looking down at the floor. "We also want to keep you safe from harm, so you learning how to fight will protect you in this war."

"We're really sorry, but it's the best decision," her mother added, a tear rolling down her cheek.

"I'll be fine," Naomi murmured, sniffing once.


Naomi woke up at 7 a.m; judging from the sundial outside. Her parents took her out of the house and went through a forest that protected them from the drizzle that was beginning to fall. They eventually came to a small hut.

"I think this is it," Jodie announced, almost with a sad tone. Her and John kissed her quickly, before exiting the forest. Naomi watched their shadows until they had completely dissapeared.

Timidly, Naomi knocked on the smooth oak door. She took a step back, a bit scared of who might greet her. The door opened...and a woman stood there. She was wearing a light pink dress at that time, and she had blonde hair with puddle-blue eyes, like Naomi's, complimented by tanned skin. "Oh hello," the woman greeted, smiling. "What's your name?"

"I'm Naomi," Naomi replied shakily. "Who are you?"

"Lucy," the woman answered, grinning brightly. "Do make yourself welcome inside."

So Naomi entered the hut.

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It was elegant yet cosy, with a warm fireplace, a maple rocking-chair and some small stairs leading to two reasonable-sized bedrooms and a bathroom. There was also another room, the largest in the hut, and there were things in it Naomi didn't realise. She decided she would find about it later.

Naomi made herself welcome, as Lucy had told her to, and sat down on the wooden floorboards in front of the fireplace. Lucy sat down on the maple rocking-chair and asked, "Are you hungry?"

"Oh yes, I'm starving!" Naomi replied, feeling her stomach rumble. It was almost midday, and Naomi hadn't had any breakfast.

Lucy walked outside and a few minutes later she came back with some fresh goat's milk and some cheese sandwiches. She placed the items in front of Naomi. She took a bite out of the cheese sandwiches as the woman asked her, "Do you like them?"

"Yeah," she agreed happily, a smile on her face as she took another bite.

When Naomi had finished eating her meal, Lucy washed the plates in the stream nearby. It didn't take long, and when they went back inside Lucy told Naomi to follow her. Soon enough, they entered the room that Naomi was wondering about earlier. "Now, if you want meat, and I'm assuming you like meat, you have to fight for it, and that is quite difficult. It also comes in handy when you have to fight off robbers or poachers," Lucy explained to Naomi. "So you want to know how to fight, don't you? That's what you came here for?"

"Yes, but what is it?" Naomi queried.

"I will show it to you," Lucy replied, and pulled out two wooden swords.

Naomi stood like a statue, amazed. “Swords?” she thought. Lucy handed one to her and as she did so, she noticed the girl's face. "I'm sure you've seen these before," she said, raising an eyebrow.

Naomi nodded uncertainly. "Over there, at the right-hand corner, are some dummies for you to practice on," Lucy suggested. Naomi walked over to the right-hand corner of the large room and spotted them.

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They were sacks full of wheat, but they were shaped like a human; they had four limbs and a head. Naomi looked at them and shifted from one foot to the other, wondering what to do next.

Lucy then followed Naomi and asked, "This is your first lesson of fighting. Are you ready for your first task? It's fairly easy."

Naomi stood still for a moment and then nodded. "Good," Lucy said, smiling. "Now, you need to chop off the right arm, then the head, and then the left arm."

Naomi took a few paces backwards, breathing deeply. “I'll probably be able to do it. She did say it was easy,” she thought. Suddenly, as if she was being controlled by some invisible force, she ran forward, chopped off the right arm with one swipe, chopped off the head, and finally chopped off the left arm without any trouble whatsoever.

"I did it!" Naomi grinned. Lucy clapped, whilst saying, "Well done, you're a natural! Do you like this?"

"It's cool!" she cried. "Can we have more lessons?"

"Of course!" Lucy answered, her expression full of pleasure. "We can have a lesson every day, if you want." Naomi stared at her trainer, a big grin crossing her face.

Naomi was unusually tired after a long day. She scampered to her bed and she went to sleep almost as quickly as she did the night before.

As she was sleeping, she had a dream. It was about her growing up to be a strong warrior legend and all the people in the land fearing her.

"Anyone who touches Lucy’s animals will die!"

"Really? You're just a little girl. How the hell will you be able to defeat me?"

"Let's see...Oh yeah!" and Naomi slashed off the poacher's head in one go. "Hah, I am victorious!" Naomi cried. "I have killed the poacher, so let that be a lesson to all those who-"

"Naomi? Naomi?" Lucy called sleepily, entering her room. "Why - why were you cheering?"

"Oh, I had a dream, that's all."

“Do you mind telling me about it?" Lucy queried.

Naomi sat up in bed and explained it to Lucy.

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She listened patiently while the young girl talked and then said, "Tell you what, Naomi. How about we make that dream come true? I would love to make you a good warrior, protecting my animals from poachers, and I would be truly amazed if you became a legend."

Naomi sat there like a statue, speechless. ~She's actually said that?~ Quicker than a sword swipe, she put her arms round Lucy and hugged her. "Aw, thanks!" she squealed.

"Hey, get off me!" Lucy protested, laughing. "Okay, enough with the excitement. You go back to sleep now. Goodnight."


Naomi sat up in bed the next morning whilst Lucy kindly brought her breakfast. It contained a scrambled egg, some bread and butter and another glass of milk. Once she had finished, Lucy questioned, "Shall we start our fighting lesson now?"

"Really? Now? Oh, yes please!" Naomi answered happily...

After a month, Naomi had learnt the ways of a skilled warrior. The poachers kept well away from her, as they knew what would happen if they didn't.

She was now on her 30th lesson and was carrying a steel sword, with a very sharp blade, about 40cm long. Lucy was at the other end of the room, with the same weapon as her.

"You ready?" Lucy called to Naomi.

“Of course,” Naomi answered, and charged at Lucy. Her trainer did the same thing. Just as Naomi was about to touch Lucy with her blade, she received a punch in the back, collapsing to the ground, before everything turned into darkness.

A couple of hours later, Naomi woke up in bed, Lucy sitting beside her. "Wha - what happened?" she asked, sounding shaken.

"I punched you in the back," Lucy explained, "and you went out cold."

"But how?" Naomi asked. "You were in front of me."

"You'll see about that later," Lucy replied, walking out of the room. Naomi followed Lucy out of the hut and into the back garden, where she helped her with the farming.

Later that night, Naomi woke up to the sound of rustling outside. Not just a leaf though.

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No, this was very different…

She then thought that it was possibly Lucy getting some milk for drinking. She wouldn't go out in the dark now though, as it was too cold and a little scary, as you could hardly see anything in the darkness. Naomi decided she would look out of the window and see what was going on.

She spotted the figure. It was nothing like Lucy, for the figure was too skinny, and wore a black mask and held a black sack.

She then realised. It was a poacher.

She knew what to do. She went down the stairs a bit too loudly, though Lucy didn't hear. She tip-toed round the back, and there was the poacher. Ready to pounce on one of the animals.

Naomi had taken her sword with her, so she crept towards the poacher. Eventually she was in line with the poacher's back, so that he could not spot her out of the corner of his eye. But Naomi had forgotten about shadows. Unfortunately, as there was a full moon out tonight, the poacher could easily see hers.

He whizzed round and pulled out a sharp-looking rapier, which was even taller than Naomi's 40-cm sword. Nevertheless, the girl drew her weapon and ran towards the man.

She tried hitting the poacher's right arm, which he was carrying the rapier in, but he was too quick. He reached for Naomi's left leg with his hand and managed to grab it. He then picked her up by it, leaving her dangling helplessly.

"Lucy? LUCY!" she screamed, hoping that her carer would hear.

Lucy came running to the window and saw the poacher with Naomi. "I'm coming!" shouted Lucy as she sprinted down the stairs and out the door. The poacher noticed and dropped Naomi headfirst onto the rough, hard ground. He began walking slowly towards the person who’d just interrupted his fun.

"So you look after her, do you?" the poacher hissed, keeping his eyes fixed on Lucy. "You think you can kill me? You must be kidding..."

The poacher was so concentrated on Lucy that the poacher didn't notice Naomi walking up to his back.

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Lucy took a quick glance at Naomi, and then looked back at the poacher.

“Well, we’re confident, aren’t-oooooorch!!"

Without warning, Naomi lunged and thrust her sword. The blade went deep into the poacher's chest. After a sickening groan, he fell to the ground, lifeless and dead. She pulled the sword out of his back.

“Whoa… thanks. You’re getting really good…” Lucy gasped as she walked towards her. "You perservered there. Even when he left you like that and you couldn't control yourself, you still didn't give up."

"I should be the one thanking you," Naomi sighed, dropping her sword onto the ground. "I couldn't do anything until you came to help and then the poacher completely forgot about me."

"Come on, you should be fast asleep now," Lucy whispered as she walked up the stairs with Naomi and sat on her bed. "I’ll clear up. You have a good sleep now. Goodnight."

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~-~Chapter 2~-~

Almost a year had passed, and Naomi was getting better each day. In a few of those days, she would be turning eleven.

When Naomi was asleep but it was still light, Lucy went out into the marketplace. She sold some cheese and milk for ten silver coins. Then, she went back to the hut and caught up on her own sleep.


Finally, the day came. Naomi was, at long last, eleven years old.

"Do you want to see what I've got for you?" Lucy asked the girl, walking towards her pillow where she’d kept the gift.

"Okay," she responded, a clear tone of excitement in her voice. Lucy shoved her hand behind the pillow and pulled out a couple of coins, their silver glinting in the light. "Are these for me...?" she wondered aloud. ~These...are all mine...~ she thought. After a moment, she embraced Lucy, thanking her.

"Hey, that's not much, you know," Lucy told her, her smooth face burrowing into Naomi’s light brown hair. "Now, I'm going to trust you to go off on your own into the marketplace, and buy yourself something nice and pretty. You need some new clothes, maybe that could be a good idea." She paused. Then she reached forward to Naomi's cheek and gave her a kiss. “Be careful out there!” she called.

Naomi turned out of the front door after grabbing her sword (just in case any bandits came along) and headed off towards the marketplace. Soon, she reached it. Looking around briefly, she spotted a clothes store, quickly walking over after seeing it. "How much is this, sir?" she said, pointing to a lovely silk dress.

The man, who spoke with a strong southern accent, answered, "That's only 5 silver coins."

Naomi was upset, as she had three coins less than she needed. So she replied hastily, "I'll be right back." She ran all the way back towards the hut, not stopping until she reached it. She wanted that silk so badly; it was beautiful.

When she reached the building, she opened the door so suddenly that Lucy jumped, spilling milk all down her front.

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"Now /I'll/ have to get some new clothes," she chuckled, scrubbing at it with some cloth. "Why are you here early? The marketplace is shut today?" she said, still dabbing.

"I've seen this lovely silk dress and it's only five silver coins, and I've only got two, so I was just wondering, have you got any more money?" Naomi explained as she got her breath back.

"Fortunately, I have," and Lucy reached into her pocket and pulled out eight more silver coins. "I only gave you two because I thought that would be enough,” she continued, putting the cloth down. "I'll give you some more seeing as you need some more clothes so desperately. And, while you're there, would you mind buying a new dress for me? I've heard they are only three coins."

With all the money clasped in her hand, she ran back towards the marketplace again. Unfortunately, she ran right into danger.

In a matter of seconds, Naomi was thrown to the ground. She couldn't understand what was going on as it was going so quickly. A rope was tied round her arms and legs and a cloth was tied round her mouth.

She tried to scream for Lucy, but her scream was muffled by the cloth, and even if she didn't have it round her mouth she was too deep in the forest to be heard by anyone. She then felt several blows to her back and head, and suddenly everything went black. Again.

When she woke up, she was in a completely different hut, hearing what sounded like bandits in another room. There was a scar across her cheek and her back hurt a lot. The bandits heard her yawning and strode towards her. They kneeled down beside the bed so that they were face-to-face with Naomi.

"You've got no escape now, girlie," they hissed at Naomi, their eyes fixed on her, "We've hidden your sword away and if you try to escape we will use it on you!"

"It's too bad old Lucy doesn't know where you are. She'll probably start looking for you, and when she tries to rescue you we’ll kill her!" they laughed.

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