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Naomi turned around after standing up and watched the werewolf slowly burn to death as he lay there, unconscious because of the blow with the battleaxe. “Thanks for helping me out with them, you two,” she said, smiling in relief. “I wasn’t expecting you to help, although I should have. You have a lot of experience with werewolves,” she added, looking directly at Naglad. Then she turned to Jalaise. “That was the first time I’ve seen you both defend yourself and attack. I think you’d do a pretty good job sharing the leader role with me,” she said to him. Jalaise grinned. “Thanks,” he simply replied.

“It’s getting late out here,” the co-leader murmured, beginning to walk to his tent. “If you guys want to stay up and watch for any more creatures that might infiltrate our camp, go ahead. But as of now, I’m tired, so goodnight.” He unzipped his tent and disappeared inside it.

~I’m not that tired, so I think I’ll stay here,~ Naomi thought, glancing over at Jalaise. He wasn’t appearing to be going anywhere, so she assumed he was thinking the same thing that she was. Eventually, she made herself comfortable on one of the logs circling the fire. She watched the flames engulf Vak’s body as she replayed what had just happened in her head. What did that label on the poison bottle say? Naomi was about to go and look for it but she couldn’t be bothered to. It probably did*’t matter anyway. However, as much as she told herself that it did*’t matter, she couldn’t stop thinking about it, and did*’t notice Jalaise taking a seat beside her. “Hey,” he greeted, glancing at her. Naomi smiled and returned the greeting, also returning her eyes back to the fire.

“I wanted to know about yesterday. I really wanted to know why you were crying like that. I mean, I honestly found it a little surprising to be sharing a leader role with someone like you.

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Naglad told me that you were this legend and all, so when I eventually met you and you were sobbing, it seemed a little opposite to what he told me.”

“Oh.” Naomi thought about what had happened yesterday, and her mind went to the bit where she began crying because of what she remembered. She contemplated not telling him, but since she was more relaxed now, she decided to tell him. “I haven’t been to the camp in months, maybe even years, so when I came back here there was a sudden rush of… nostalgia. My trainer died in the war against the Itav Initev, fighting instead of me. I was supposed to be there. And the fact that she sacrificed herself for me… well, it’s a little overwhelming if you think about it for too long.”

“So you were trained to fight?” he asked curiously, scratching his chin.

“Yes. I expected everyone was trained how to. You don’t just pick it up naturally, do you?”

“No, you don’t. I only taught myself how to use a sword, and how to steal, and I never met my parents. Later on, when I was older, I had been captured by a group of assassins because they had seen me pickpocket many rich people. I watched them practice with their weapons - they taught me a few things as well - and I managed to pick their skills up, and eventually killed the king of my country. I’ve been on the run ever since.”

“Why did you kill him?”

“He was out to find the assassins that I were being taken captive by, and because I was there, he would find me as well. Since I had been practicing with them, it would be an even worse situation for me. To prevent this from happening, I killed him first. The assassins were surprised because they were planning to do that, and so they taught me some more, but ever since I killed the king, I’ve had to hide in all sorts of places.”

“Wow.” Naomi thought he was showing off when he told her about pickpocketing the rich, but when he had finished speaking at the end, she understood. “How did you grow up?” he asked.

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“I was just a ten-year-old girl, and one night my parents came and told me that I had to go to fighting school because the war was coming up. I went, and practiced with my trainer, and then we received this letter about having to go into the woods at midday. We went there, and then we had to fight off a whole hoard of… werewolves.” Naomi thought about this for a moment. Was this a coincidence? She’d have to tell Naglad about this. “Anyway, we defeated them, and then it turned out that actually a test so see if we were good enough to join the gang, which was this. I joined, and Jaques, the old leader, died in a fire and I was the new leader. Then we went to Dnafle, and the Vetini Vati were actually in the war, which I wasn’t expecting. This was when Lucy died, because instead of me fighting the co-leader, Tivkean – I managed to kill Tienvak, the leader – Lucy decided to go. Then we went back to my old house, and I got this sword, Melior. I called it that because of what it says on the hilt.” She stroked the hilt with the tip of her finger, before showing it to Jalaise.

“That looks interesting. When Naglad wakes up tomorrow, we’ll have to ask him about that,” he muttered, examining the letters on the sword. “Yeah, it is kind of strange.”

“Yeah, I know,” Naomi agreed, sighing. Slowly, she stood up and stretched, before turning, and beginning to walk to her tent. “I’m tired now,* she announced, looking back at Jalaise. “Goodnight.” She smiled for a brief moment, before turning back, and entering her tent.

Jalaise sat there for a few moments, watching the last of the werewolf burn. He sat there for another half hour, before deciding that if he were to stay there all night, he would sleep in the day, when it would be more likely to have an attack. Therefore, he got up, walked to his tent, and fell asleep.


“Where are they?” the figure demanded in frustration. “They should be here by now, really. With that girl.”

Avael also looked frustrated.

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“Look, I don’t know where they are, so stop putting the blame on m-“

The figure glanced at Avael, and then said softly, “You’re going to find them. Now.*

*What-“ he began to say, before the figure teleported the town crier to a distance where he could see what had happened.

Immediately, he saw the bodies of two of the werewolves. One was on the left side of the entrance to the hut, and one was on the right side. However, he couldn’t see the third one anywhere. As he tried to pass silently through the entrance to the camp, he stepped on the ear of the fallen wolf on the right side of the entrance.

To his amazement, the wolf woke up, even though he still had that hole in his head. It began to heal itself. The blood dried up and disappeared, that gaping hole was covered up with skin and fur. However, it had woken up, and was very annoyed. It snatched Avael’s foot with its claws and began tearing the skin off of it with his teeth, before dragging him down.

This happened to be the werewolf that Naomi had attacked using the poison on her sword. The one which she hadn’t read the label of.

By this time, the figure was tired of waiting for both the werewolves and Avael to come back. “What’s happened to him now?” it asked itself as it walked up the stairs and climbed into its bed. “If he doesn’t appear in a few hours, then I guess I’ll go and have a look for him.” With a sigh, it laid its head on its pillow and went to sleep.


Seven hours later, when the figure woke up, the first thing it did was search the building for Avael. There was no sign of him; nor were there of any of the three werewolves it had summoned the night before. “Right, I guess I’ll have to go and search for him then,” it grumbled as it brought out its staff that it used to summon Stiun, Vak and Weosch.

Without speaking aloud, it tapped its staff five times in quick succession, and five more werewolves appeared by its side. The figure chuckled.

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“She won’t be able to get out of this one…” it murmured to itself as it teleported itself and the five animals.

The figure was teleported high in an oak tree, towering above the Vetini Vati camp, so that it could see easily what had gone on, and what was about to happen. Its werewolves were stationed far below, on the ground.

The Vetini Vati were sitting around the fire, having their breakfast. Ironically, Naomi and Jalaise, as well as Naglad interrupting in a few parts, were telling the rest about the incident the night before and what to do if they came again. As Naglad was sitting opposite of Naomi, he could see what was behind her. Abruptly, he stood up, ending Naomi’s speech as she was curious as to why he stood up like that. Turning around, she saw the reason.

With a look of slight determination on her face, she drew the sword out of its sheath and slowly walked towards the five creatures. She felt quite confident about this. It was easy to kill the three werewolves last night, and that had less light allowing her to see. There were only two more, so how hard could it be, with the whole of the Vetini Vati with her as well?

As the werewolf in front jumped at her, Naomi brought her sword horizontally and drew it from left to right. It cut its neck deep and it immediately fell, stunned. The girl stood on its limbs and drove the sword into its chest, ending the life of the animal. However, she was too distracted by this one to notice the other four coming.

As the others ran at her, the figure in the trees laughed to itself. It brought out its staff, whispered the word “Monta”, and cast it at the remaining four. Two were fighting Naomi, one was fighting Naglad and Jalaise, and the last was fighting the rest of the Vetini Vati. “Come on, this has got to work…” the figure muttered impatiently as it squinted at the scene below.

Although it physically did*’t look like it, the werewolves’ strength increased, and so did their reflexes.

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Naomi had to be no match for them now. Eventually, the rest of the Vetini Vati fled as they watched one of their members get torn to pieces. Naglad and Jalaise, however, were very experienced, and since there were two of them, they managed to wrestle with the creature and give it a deadly blow on the head with, again, Naglad’s battleaxe.

They had killed it just in time to see Naomi fall to her knees. As she fell, almost in slowed time, Jalaise saw the bloodied scratches on her arms. Her sword was blunt. Rows of teeth marks covered each of her legs. Her head hit the ground, pushing her into unconsciousness. Her body slumped, and before they could realise what was going on, Naglad and Jalaise heard the words from far above: “You fools. She was all I wanted. You didn't have to come out here and risk yourselves being extra food for them, now did you?” As they glanced upwards, the figure teleported themselves some distance away from the pair.

It smiled as the wolves brought the unconscious body of Naomi to it. “Thank you, boys,” it murmured, having that smile still on its face. “Now, let’s go, shall we?” The wolves howled softly in response as the figure, the werewolves and Naomi vanished in a single teleport.

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_¸,.‹-•/*°Chapter Six°*\•-›.,¸_

~Where am I?~ Naomi asked herself as her eyes opened a crack, letting some light through. ~Wasn’t I just fighting some werewolves?~ She opened her eyes more, before discovering where she was. Apart from a dim candle giving light in the corner, every inch of the room had a blanket of darkness over it. The candlelight allowed Naomi to only see what was within a radius of a few feet of her, limiting her sight greatly. She could see, however, that she was locked up.

She attempted to walk, but her legs were chained to the wall, with steel rings around her ankles, weighting them down. For some reason, though, her arms were free of chains. ~Who would be stupid enough to do this…~ she thought, glancing down at her arms. Almost instantly, she noticed abnormally long scratches, in sets of three on each of her arms. *What the hell happened to me?~ she wondered. As she raised her eyes, she also noticed that the metal door wasn’t closed. It did*’t appear to be locked; it just seemed to be ajar. And since her arms were free… ~This person must be very stupid…~ she thought, laughing quietly to herself as she tugged at the handle.

Somehow, it was locked, because she couldn’t budge it one bit. When she tried to give it a heave, it set off an alarm.

“Oh, so she’s awake now, is she?” a voice exclaimed from the other end of the room. Naomi shot back into place, as if she had just woken up, to try to hide any possible clues that she set off the alarm. She quickly realised, though, that this was a futile attempt and the person had probably already worked out that it was her. Who else would be with her?

That’s when she realised. Where were the rest of her gang?

~Maybe this person isn’t so stupid after all…~ Naomi thought regretfully as the other voice spoke again. “I have been searching for you for a long time. In fact, I can’t even remember when I started killing all those girls just to find you.”

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“You were the murderer?” Naomi had suddenly found her voice, and then realised that that was a stupid question to ask.

“Of course I am. Who did you think?” the mysterious voice queried, laughing at her question. “I did it because I wanted to find you. I wanted to take revenge on you. As for why? That’s for me to know and for you to find out.” It laughed again. Naomi noted its voice. It sounded very feminine.

“Why were you going to-“ Naomi began to ask, before thinking of what it had last said. Why did*’t she listen more? To be fair, she was just a tiny bit nervous.

“As soon as I had killed around… thirty, forty girls your age, I kindly asked Avael to announce it. From what I’ve heard from him, you’re a regular around the town square and the marketplace. I told him to say it because it would catch your attention, due to you being a ‘legend’, as some people would say. I find it really unrealistic, that. What are you? Thirteen? Fourteen? Come on. Anyway, when you had got onto the case, he told me all about what you were doing, and I devised a plan to eventually get you where you are now. And it was successful!” It laughed again, almost taunting the girl. Naomi felt anger slowly building up inside her. She wanted to lash out and punch the stranger. Why did they want to get revenge on her? She hadn’t done anything wrong… had she?

“Oh, Naomi.” The figure stepped forward, and was for a moment illuminated by the candlelight. For that moment, the girl took the time to examine what it looked like.

She was indeed a female, and Naomi was pleased about that due to how feminine her voice was. But what surprised her was her appearance. Her crimson waves of hair fell upon her shoulders – in a tangled mess. Her hazel eyes watched the girl closely – but they looked tired and bags fell under them. Her clothes had brilliant colours upon them – but were torn and ragged. Her jewellery adorned her otherwise bare arms – but it was dulled by dirt and some items were broken.

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“You do not know how much time I have spent looking for you, looking to get revenge on you. This is why I am in this horrible state. I am exhausted from searching for you. I only got seven hours of sleep last night. That is the most I have ever had in my entire life,” she said, looking Naomi straight in the eyes. She took a step backwards, now being concealed by the blanket of darkness. “I was always telling myself, ‘Courtney, you’re going to get her and you know it,’ but I did*’t believe myself. Now that I’ve got you, I feel so much better!” she explained, laughing to herself in a crazed sort of way. Naomi kept quiet as she watched the woman. Courtney suddenly stopped, and stood still.

“D-did I tell you my name? Damn it. That was supposed to be kept a secret. Uh, forget you heard me say it please.” In her mind, she searched for a mind-erasing spell, but it was so clogged up with triumph that she couldn’t think straight.

“Hello, Courtney,” Naomi replied, saying her name with emphasis. She felt a little more confident, now that she had seen the person. She did**t look that intimidating; honestly, if it wasn’t for the voice, she would have been expecting a muscled man who was an expert swordsman.

“Don’t say my name like that!” Naomi was thrown against the wall, hitting her head hard. She searched for Courtney, but she couldn’t see because of the darkness. Did she have that strength to push her with her hands? Naomi was now a little confused. “Don’t say that again, otherwise the consequence will be worse,” the woman continued. “You seem a little full of yourself, from what Avael tells me.”

Naomi then remembered. The town crier! “How are you friends with him?” she asked curiously, hoping the woman would at least tell her that.

“Well, I promised to give him more, ahem, income for his job if he helped me with my plan to find you.”

Naomi was no longer confused now, she was in shock.

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She never knew that this woman could be friends with what seemed like such a friendly man. “So you bribed him?” she asked, to which Courtney nodded in response. She then snapped into her horrible mood again.

“Now, please, you’re distracting me with my real objective. Time for my revenge.”

Before Naomi could realise what was happening, the woman sent a spell her way, and her arms were instantly bound with chains, similar to the ones around her legs. She was pinned to the wall, and could not even move as another loop of thick steel fit around her waist and stomach, so tight she found it a struggle to breathe. Courtney appeared in the candlelight with a silver object, one that had a blade. As she held it closer to Naomi’s neck, it made Naomi feel determined to somehow escape from the cold steel that kept her fixed in that position; to escape from that knife that was coming towards her at a surprising, relatively slow speed. But she couldn’t move, no matter how much she tried to, the metal rings kept her in place and the knife was nearly at her neck, digging in. ~This is the end…~ she thought to herself, closing her eyes. She did*** want to see how she was going to die. ~What have I done to deserve this? I’ve been fighting for my own kind. I saved the elves in Dnafle from being captured by the Itav Initev who did nothing but trouble. Why should I be killed for that? That’s a good thing, isn’t it?~

She felt the knife touch her neck.

Then a familiar voice.

And then a clanging sound on the floor.

“What the hell are you doing?” demanded the voice. As Naomi opened her eyes, she noticed a sudden hole of light coming from the other end of the room. This lit up the whole room, enough to see who the intruding person was.

It was Naglad and Jalaise.

Naomi breathed out a sigh of relief despite her lungs having limited space to expand. “What do you think you’re doing, suddenly coming here? I told you two that I only wanted her.

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