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You’re just making her situation more difficult,” Courtney muttered, her eyes narrowing as she took a step forward towards the two.

“I’m sure you’re smart enough to understand that we’re her friends and that we would come and find her eventually. But I was wrong,” Naglad taunted, crossing his arms. “Now let her free or we’ll free her ourselves.”

“I may not have known her for as long as the rest of her gang have, but I’ve known her long enough to see that she shouldn’t be killed and that you shouldn’t be holding her at knifepoint,” Jalaise added. Jalaise and Courtney were busy arguing when Naomi made a gesture for Naglad to come over. He did while Courtney was in the middle of speaking, so that she would be distracted more. “What is it? Do you want me to get you out of these?” he asked, pointing to the chains.

“No, no. I was going to ask, how did you find me here?” Naomi queried.

“Well, we’ve had many people taken like this before, and it’s happened so often and the funny thing is that they always tend to end up in the underground prison. So now, we usually just go here as the first place we go to,” he whispered back. ~So I’m in the underground prison again,~ she thought, sighing silently to herself. ~When was I here before? Oh yes. When the Itav Initev captured me-~

At that point, everything came together.

This person obviously was a member of the Itav Initev.

How could that be possible though, when she was sure she had killed all of them?

As Courtney finally realised that something bad was going on behind her, Naglad jumped back into position as she turned around to face Naomi. They looked at each other for a moment, before she rested her eyes again on the pair. “You know, I find it really funny that you haven’t killed me yet. Why haven’t you?” she asked, slightly curious but mostly asking it to taunt them.

“Why? Do you want us to kill you?” Naglad replied, grinning and unsheathing his sword that he had brought with him.

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“We thought it would honestly be too risky, with you being-“

“Ah, okay.” The woman turned back to Naomi, who was now just standing in silence, a confused expression on her face. “What is it, dear?” she questioned sarcastically, chuckling a little.

“Am I missing something here? I don’t know who you are-“ She was cut off by the sound of laughing from Courtney, and even a little chuckle from Naglad. Jalaise stayed quiet.

“You haven’t known all this time? Sweetheart, I was the wife of Tienvak until you killed him.”

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“W-what?” Naomi was in shock. ~She must be joking…~ she thought. “Really?” The woman nodded, smiling slightly.

The pieces had fit together.

This was why she was trying to get revenge. She must have known, somehow, that Naomi had killed Tienvak all those months ago.

“How did you find out that he was killed?” Naomi asked. Courtney unfolded a piece of paper and held it to the girl’s face, which she read. It was a letter, sent to the woman, and she couldn’t read it properly because it was too close to her eyes, but she read something like, ‘I am afraid that your husband was killed in war’.

“Did he teach you how to fight?” she questioned. If he had… she would have an equally skilled opponent. If not… all would be well.

“Well, sort of. He did*’t teach me anything to do with swords and that sort of thing, but he taught me something else. He preferred swords to this way, but I preferred this and eventually I mastered it.” In the candlelight, Naomi watched Courtney bring out her staff. “This is what I used to make the werewolves defeat you. I chained up your arms using this as well. I know every spell you could have thought of.” She spun around suddenly, catching Jalaise’s shirt with her fingers.

He was holding his sword at the back of her neck, and if she hadn’t turned around at that moment she would have been dead. “That’s it,” she shouted, throwing him against the wall with a powerful impact, almost making the room shake. He groaned in pain, rubbing his head. “I may not be good with a sword, but my husband taught me that.” She smiled at him, turning around slowly to glance at Naglad, making sure he wasn’t about to kill her as well. Naomi stared at Courtney, thinking, ~Who would marry such an evil person like her? Then again, he was evil himself…~

“Now,* she announced, staring at Jalaise this time, “I will kill you first, so that your little ‘friend’ as you so call her can watch.

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So let’s get my friend called the knife out, shall we?” She drew out her knife and held it to his neck, while reciting a spell. Instantly, the man was tied with chains just like Naomi’s. “I feel rather lucky that you did*’t begin to kill me first. Because now I can kill you first.” She started pressing the knife against the skin of his neck, drawing a thin line of blood, which gradually began to thicken.

Naglad crept up behind Courtney, because, since both her hands were holding the knife, she couldn’t defend herself. He drew his sword, very slowly at first, while Naomi watched him, instead of Jalaise. She repeatedly mouthed, “Don’t! You’ll get caught!” but he took no notice. As soon as his sword was fully unsheathed, he placed his foot on the area on her spine and pressed down, making the knife fall through Jalaise’s shirt and onto the ground, as did she. Her knife was facing her way when it hit the floor, so when she fell, she made contact with it. It went through her eye. Naomi couldn’t help smiling just slightly as she heard the deafening, shrill scream.

Naglad kept his foot pressed on her back, and then knelt on her, placing his hand around her wrists so that she couldn’t get up. He was much heavier than her, and much stronger, which was a great disadvantage for her. “Let’s rid the last of the Itav Initev once and for all,” he announced. “You thought you could get rid of your husband’s killer, did*’t you? Well, if it wasn’t for her, the elves would all be in captivity right now. Think about how happy they must be, and think about how happy they will be when they find out that the last remaining member of the Itav Initev has been killed.

She killed your husband because she wanted to save her friends, her family, as they were in captivity too, and everybody in Dnafle. She only needed to kill one person, and compared to thousands, if not millions that would have been killed otherwise, that isn’t much. Well, as the saying goes, you can’t please everyone.”

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Lady Railly

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With that, he drove the sword through the upper back of Courtney.

For a moment, there was silence.

“Thank you,” Naomi whispered, smiling. “Thank you for everything you’ve done to help me, to save my life… well, for everything, basically. I’m so glad I accepted that invitation, and even though I thought it was a bad idea at that time, I’ve come to realise that it was actually a good thing. I cannot thank you enough, honestly.”

“It’s fine. You’re our leader and our friend as well,” Naglad replied. Naomi then realised that her chains were gone – and so were Jalaise’s. “The chains must’ve disappeared when she died,” she murmured, stretching her legs and walking towards the co-leader. Jalaise did the same.

“Let’s get out of here,” Naglad said, smiling and getting up. He began to walk towards the exit, while Jalaise and Naomi tagged on behind him. Naomi looked up at him, and smiled. “Thank you for everything you’ve done as well. You’ve been excellent, being the leader with me. We haven’t known each other for long, but in the time that I’ve known you, you’ve been so nice to me. You’ve been so kind, patient and respectful.” Her smile widened, and the pair embraced with a hug. “You’ve been nice to know as well,” Jalaise replied. “You have an exceptional talent for someone your age.”

As they returned to walking, they realised that Naglad was already out the door, and so they quickly ran out to meet him once again.

Naomi’s parents were waiting right outside for her.

“Mum!” Naomi cried as she ran forward, embracing her mother and wrapping her arms around her waist. “Why… why are you here?”

“We’ve been here for a long time, waiting for you,” her dad replied. He had a slight tone of disappointment in his voice, but that quickly disappeared. “We stopped by at the Vetini Vati camp to see how you were getting on, and when Naglad told us that you had been kidnapped, we were so worried. So we decided to go along with him, and the other boy as well.”

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Naomi stepped backwards from her mother, and embraced her father for a few moments, before stepping aside from him too. “Well,” she started, turning to face Naglad. “My work is done here. I’ve killed the last of the Itav Initev, so you won’t need me any longer, right?”

“Naomi, of course we’ll need you in case another war breaks out, but if you want to stay with your parents until then, we’ll be perfectly happy. After all, we’ve got Jalaise to run the camp,” the co-leader replied, smiling and glancing in the man’s direction. “It’s okay. Don’t feel guilty about it, right?”

“I’m fairly sure there won’t be anyone battling you for years to come, so I guess this is the last time I’m going to see you,” Naomi said, sighing. “So, erm…” She gave a feeble wave, before uttering one word.


Turning to walk down the path, with her parents on either side, she quickly heard from behind her a shout of “Wait! You forgot something!” As she spun round, Jalaise was holding out her sword.

“Uh, thanks,” she murmured, smiling slightly. “Where was this?”

“I picked it up near the entrance as you were walking out. I thought you’d might like to keep it, as a little reminder of the events that took place while you were with the Vetini Vati,” he explained, smiling back at her. Naomi ran her finger along the hilt of the sword, whispering to herself, “What would I do without you, Melior?”

“Huh? Did you just say Melior?” Naglad replied, stepping forward to examine the weapon. “Where did you get this from?”

“We found it at our home, several years ago, and gave it to her as a present,” Jodie answered.

Naglad looked Naomi directly in her eyes. “You do know what Melior means, don’t you?”

“No,* Naomi replied, feeling slightly foolish.

*It means Legend.”

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