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Naomi had her fists clenched underneath the bed covers, her face was red with anger, and hot tears were streaming down her cheeks. How could they do this to her?

"Oh look, little Lucy's girlie is crying," they jeered, "Too bad for you. Shame!" They laughed again, and returned to the other room.

Naomi decided what she had to do. Eventually, she had devised a plan.

She felt the knot. It was near the ends of her legs, and she could just about reach it with her fingers. Delicately she began to untie it. It seemed quite hard at first, but after a few minutes of fiddling she gave it a yank, and it came undone.

Her eyes began to swivel round the room, looking for the door. There was one outside, so she tip-toed over and tried opening it. Unfortunately, it was locked. She decided she had to do it at night. As quick as she could, she tied herself again, waiting for dark.

It was finally dark and the bandits, although Naomi did*’t know this, had left a key in one of the drawers in the third room of the hut; the room directly north of her. Her eyes snapped shut - she heard some footsteps approaching her. She felt the breath on her cheeks, they were standing so close to her, and she felt the blanket being lifted to make sure she was still tied up. She was, so they then went back into the room they were in before, leaving Naomi to escape.

With the movements of the bed making a sound that the bandits possibly could’ve heard, she quickly untied herself again. This time, as she had tied herself up, the knots were more loose, so she was quicker. She then got out of her bed and walked slowly forward, towards the room the key was in. The door swung open with a soft bang against the wall and Naomi started to search the drawers. Eventually, she found the key.

Then, she found a sword case lying next to the drawers. She opened it, and there was her sword, a little dusty, but still intact. She gripped it and then sheathed it, trying to find a way out.

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As she looked around the room she found a door that led outside. She unlocked it but as she did, it swung with a great clang that almost shook the whole hut. Naomi held her breath and waited for the pounding of footsteps and figures entering the room she was in. She heard voices, shouts, feet moving along the dusty floor.

Without hesitation, Naomi rushed into the cold night. She definitely wasn't cold; she was sweating with fear and her heart was pounding in her chest more than ever. She heard voices close to her at first but as she ran further away from the hut the voices became more distant. When she got to Lucy's hut she was so relieved to find it unharmed. She opened the door, ran in, and then slammed the door shut.

Lucy was woken up by the door slamming. Sleepily, she walked into the room, but soon woke up when she saw the eleven-year-old girl standing there, breathing heavily.

"By the Gods, it’s actually you!" she exclaimed. "Oh my, I've missed you so terribly. Whatever happened?"

Relieved, Naomi gave her a hug. "I've missed you too," she started. "I ran into the marketplace when suddenly I got knocked out and when I woke up I was in a totally different hut and I was captured by bandits and-"

"And you escaped?" Lucy asked, starting to smile. "Look, you've brought my old sword back!"

"I had to. I wouldn't leave it there!" Naomi responded. "It’s an important part of your family heritage, you told me!”

"Ah, you're such a brave girl," Lucy complimented proudly, continuing the hug.

"I will be more careful next time I go out alone," Naomi promised. She paused, and quickly but clearly questioned, "By the way, over a year ago you knocked me out in the training ring, remember?"

"Wow, I've completely forgotten about that!" Lucy answered, a look of surprise on her young face. "Also, you haven't had many lessons recently, with the birthday and the kidnap and all that, so don't you think I should show you tomorrow?”

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Naomi nodded in response, rather happily.


In the morning after breakfast they went together to the training ring, when Lucy explained, "Now, that trick I showed you a year ago that you've just remembered is called 'holograms'."

"Well, how do you do it?" Naomi queried curiously.

"Well, it's quite simple, but it takes practice," Lucy replied. "All you need to do is just say 'Disceptico Hologramico' in your head and focus on where you want to go. You need to focus very hard, and after some tries you'll get the hang of it and be able to do it." Lucy paused. "Watch."

She stood very still for a moment and she stood so still that Naomi thought she was still reciting the trick in her head. Suddenly, a finger tapped Naomi's shoulder and she jumped. She span around on her heel and there was Lucy behind her, grinning. "Now, try to touch that version of me," she ordered, pointing at it.

Nervously, Naomi stuck a finger out. Naomi shuddered as although the hologram looked very realistic; her finger went right through it. "See?" Lucy exclaimed. "Now you try it."

Naomi mumbled 'Disceptico Hologramico' in her head and thought that she wanted to go to the opposite end of the room. Suddenly, before her very eyes, she was at the opposite end of the room, with a hologram in the place she was before. She crept behind Lucy and touched her back lightly.

Quick as a flash, Lucy span round, although she didn't jump like Naomi did. “Or…maybe you just have some natural talent at spellcasting,” Lucy complimented, clapping. “That was an excellent try!”

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~-~Chapter 3~-~

That night, Naomi heard both a crash and shouting from nearby. Wanting to know what was happening, she went into Lucy's room. She wasn't there. The girl decided to investigate, so she went down the stairs and into the lounge. Her trainer was there, with a bunch of bandits attacking her. "Lucy!" Naomi screamed, but her voice could hardly be heard over the clashing of swords and the threatening shouts of the bandits. That was the last thing she heard before darkness descended over her.


Naomi woke up and recognised the hut from the first kidnap. "Not again..." she muttered to herself. She was able to wriggle around in the bed she was in, so that meant they hadn't tied her up this time - but she didn't have her sword with her. However, she could just about see the bandits’ bedroom, and there was something silver glinting on the tabletop. She then realised - they had stolen Lucy’s silver! ~Kidnapping AND stealing...That's it...~ she thought angrily.

Just then, the bandits came in from the lounge and stared at the girl menacingly. "Oh, Naomi. What do you think we're going to do to you? Murder you? Strangle you?" they hissed with evil grins, eyes still fixed on her.

"Something unexpected, which is what I'm going to do," Naomi answered back, and she jumped out of the bed. Now welcoming combat, she soon regretted the move; she didn't have any weapons except her bare hands and feet. There was only one thing she could do.

Naomi mumbled 'Disceptico Hologramico' in her head and without really thinking made herself teleport behind the bandits, so that they couldn't see her. This was when she realised (she had time to think now): Lucy didn't know that you could teleport to specific places using her mind. Lucy had only taught her to teleport in directions e.g two feet north. With this, she could say "Behind the bandits" in her mind and it would teleport her there. She would have to teach her this later, much to the trainer's surprise, probably.

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Two of the bandits drew their rapiers and shoved them through the fake Naomi. Before they realised what was happening, the real Naomi made powerful contact with their backs and her foot, and kicked them, so that they all fell to the floor. The hut didn't have a floor; it was cold stone. Consequently, they all hit their heads on the concrete and got knocked out. This was Naomi's chance: she pulled one of the rapiers out of one of the bandit's hands and struck it into the middle of all the bandits’ chests.

Sighing with relief, Naomi wiped her forehead with the back of her hand and in a matter of minutes Naomi had put on all of the sheaths from the bandits, complimentary with the swords. Walking towards the door, she exited the hut, followed by quietly closing it.

When she got to her hut, she opened the door, and what she saw was sickening. Lucy's skull had been cracked open, and she was bleeding from the chest. Her limbs had almost been cut right off, and she laid in front of both the doorway and Naomi, unconscious. She was rapidly losing blood...

A while later, Lucy was lying in a tremendous hut, which was supposed to be a mini hospital. The staff had been working on Lucy for around three hours, and they, along with Naomi, were hoping she'd live. When Lucy opened her eyes, they didn't notice at first, but when Naomi heard a whisper of her name, she glanced in its direction. There, sitting in the hospital bed, was the smiling face of Lucy looking straight at her. "Well, we've saved her. Well done, guys," one of the doctors announced proudly. They left the scene, while Naomi attempted to hug the woman, happily murmuring "You're alive..."

"Hey, don't hug me, I'm still injured," retorted Lucy in a whisper, pushing Naomi away from her gently. "What happened? The last thing I remember was... well... it's too horrible to explain." She shuddered.

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"I was pushed in the back too. I think," Naomi explained, and started to tell her about the kidnap while Lucy listened intently. "What happened when you came back to the hut?" her trainer questioned.

"I saw you lying on the floor, unconscious, and your chest was literally covered with blood," Naomi answered, shuddering as well. "Do you know how much longer you're going to stay here?"

"Maybe a week, maybe ten days, we'll just have to wait and see," Lucy said as she attempted then failed to sit up in the bed.

"So... I'll leave you to get some peace and quiet..." Naomi whispered, slightly sadly.

"Yes, you should. I don't know what's happened to my hut. It would be best if you looked after it for the time being," explained the trainer. Naomi said goodbye and began to leave. As she was leaving the mini hospital, a doctor who was previously working on Lucy approached her. "Um, I think I should introduce myself. My name is Genielli Berloris," he greeted.

"Wow. That's an unusual name. Where do you come from?" Naomi asked curiously.

"I am an elf," Genielli explained. "I come from a different place called Dnalfle. My parents named me something that no-one but they could pronounce, so when I came here, I learnt English and changed my name."

"So what does your name mean?" Naomi asked.

"It means 'Intelligent Herblorist'. I make all sorts of potions, but I mostly make healing ones."

*That could come in handy for Lucy,~ Naomi thought. "So what are the ingredients for the potion?" she queried.

"Oh, the healing one? Well, you first need some blackberry juice and then mix with it some frogs' legs, and lastly, some bark from the moaning tree."

"Where do you find the ingredients?"

"In Dnalfle. You can access it via a portal in the forest. It's green, so it's pretty easy to find. Say, why do you want to know all this?"

"Just in case something happens to Lucy while she's back in her own hut and I have to save her."

"All right. Goodbye and good luck!"

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And with that, Naomi finally exited the hut. ~So, what was it again?~ she thought. ~Blackberry juice, frogs' legs and some bark from the moaning tree?~

Ten minutes later, Naomi spotted the lush green portal. Nervously, Naomi stepped through. The next thing she saw was a stunning planet. All sorts of elves were rushing to and fro from the woods, wells, houses... but she was ultimately lost. Curious, she decided to ask one of the elves rushing from the woods about the healing potion's ingredients.

"Well, the blackberry juice can only be found in the woods. Just go east, and keep walking directly east and you'll find them at once."

"What about the other ingredients?"

"Oh, well, you find a frog for the frogs' legs in the swamp near the wood, and you whack it on the ground so that it dies. You then rip the frogs’ legs off. There's a tree that you find at the very south of the wood, and it is called the moaning tree. Don't ask."

With that, Naomi thanked him, turned and ran towards the wood. Entering it, she quickly realised it was dark and damp but she knew she had to go through it to find the ingredients. First, she found the blackberries. She pulled one of the rapiers out of its sheath and dropped it on the ground. ~I don't need this many swords anyway...I'll just leave it there,~ she thought. She squeezed the blackberries and the juice went into the sheath. She then set off for the swamp to find a frog.

Entering the swamp, a horrible stench filled the air and her nose, but once again Naomi knew that she would have to go through it to find the frog's legs. Eventually, she found a frog and closed her eyes. She whacked the frog on the cold soil surface, then pulling its legs off, the girl wincing in the process. They landed in the sheath with a plop. Finally, she went back into the woods to find the moaning tree.

Later, she came to the end of the wood and spotted a tree that looked gnarled and old.

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She walked over, pulled and ripped off a large part of bark easily; it was loose. It gave a heavy moan, before going silent once more. ~Oh, that's why...~ She put the bark in the sheath carefully; it was getting quite full. Naomi found the exit, left the woods, found the portal, stepped through, and soon she was back on her normal planet... now venturing towards the hospital.

When she got there, the first thing she did was find Genielli. "Hi again," Naomi greeted him.

"You're back!" the elf said with a smile as he turned round. "Have you got all the ingredients?" The girl nodded in response, showing him the sheath. "Gosh, where do you get all these sheaths fr- Never mind. Now you need to mix the ingredients together. Here," Genielli murmured as he gave Naomi a wooden spoon. Following his instructions, she proceeded to mix them. "Now, where's something I can pour it in?" Naomi asked, looking around the room.

"Oh, a vial? Here," and Genielli pulled out an empty vial from a pocket of his. Naomi thanked him, pouring the mixture carefully into the glass bottle. "I'm going to see Lucy now," she explained to him as she waved goodbye and went to where Lucy was.

"Hey, I'm back!" Naomi called softly, patting Lucy gently on the shoulder.

"Hey," Lucy answered. "Why are you still here? I thought I told you to check on the house."

"One of the doctors told me how to make a healing potion, so I got the ingredients and mixed them all together," she said.

"What are the ingredients?" Lucy questioned out of pure curiosity. Naomi stayed silent to this question. She didn't dare tell Lucy about the bark or the frogs' legs. "Well, one of the ingredients is blackberry juice..." Naomi answered hesitantly. "And the others?" the trainer asked.

"I - I can't remember." Lucy nodded, understanding. "So, are you going to drink it?" Naomi queried.

"I was going to," Lucy answered, proceeding to down the drink.. "This tastes strange. What are the ingredients again?"

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~-~Chapter 4~-~

Lucy had since recovered completely and was allowed to go back to her house.

Lucy got out of bed and Naomi exited the room while Lucy began to get dressed into a green top and a short, lilac skirt which came up to just above her knee. Over her top she wore a light pink cardigan with her buttons undone so it hung loosely over her shoulders and arms. She then wore her black sandals on her feet.

Right at that moment, once Lucy had finished dressing, there was a knock at the hut door. Lucy ran downstairs and opened the door. A man was standing there. Naomi followed and stood behind Lucy, listening to every word of their conversation.

"I'm delivering a letter to a girl by the name of a Miss Naomi," the man spoke with a slight accent. Naomi stepped to the side of Lucy so that the man could see her easily. The man handed her the white, slightly crumpled and folded letter, and then left. Lucy shut the door and she followed Naomi into the living room where she sat on the sofa and unfolded the letter.

The letter was handwritten, but written clearly so that Naomi could read it. She guessed it was purposely written that way. It read:

"Dear Miss Naomi,

I want you to meet me in the woods at exactly midday today. Do not worry; this is not a trick, just meet me in the woods at midday. And do bring whoever cares for you along too please."

There was no sender written on the letter. Naomi was puzzled why it was like that. ~It probably is a trick, but I'll probably be able to handle whatever that person's got up their sleeve,~ she thought. ~But why do I have to take Lucy along?~

Lucy read the letter over and Naomi glanced at Lucy's sundial outside. It was about 10:30am. They had just under an hour and a half to get everything done, including Naomi showing Lucy how to disappear and reappear in another place, but in more detail.

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Naomi folded the letter up and ran upstairs, placing the letter on her bedside table. She ran back downstairs.

"Well, aren't you going to show me that disappearing trick?" Lucy asked.

"Oh yeah. Come on then."

Naomi and Lucy entered the training room. "You don't need your sword for this one," Naomi assured Lucy, but it was quite obvious.

"Okay," Lucy replied, standing to the left of Naomi. "What do you do first?"

"You close your eyes," Naomi answered. Lucy closed her eyes and Naomi did the same.


"Say 'Disceptico Hologramico' in your head."

A few seconds passed. "Then what?"

"Say the place where you want to go, and by that I mean the exact distance and direction."

Another few seconds passed. Nothing happened. Naomi opened her eyes and Lucy was in the same place.

"Don't worry if you don't get it right first time," Naomi reassured. "It just takes a lot of practice."

"Okay. I know what. I'll practice until the time comes for us to go into the woods," Lucy replied. She did practice, and by about quarter to midday she finally mastered it. Naomi smiled and clapped at Lucy, saying, "Well done. Now, I think that's enough practice and it's quarter to twelve already. Shall we go into the woods now?" Lucy agreed, smiling.

Naomi went into the hallway of the small hut and put her shoes on. Lucy opened the door and Naomi stepped through, Lucy following that action. They couldn't lock the door, as there was no lock. Naomi and Lucy set off into the woods with their swords just in case, going deeper and deeper until a faint church bell started ringing, showing that it was finally midday.

At that moment something happened which caught Naomi and Lucy very off-guard.

There was a rustling in the bushes and then two werewolves came out from them, growling threateningly with their teeth baring as they moved closer and closer to the pair. ~This IS a trick. I should've known,~ thought Naomi as she pulled her sword out of her sheath. Lucy did the same.

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