The Legendary Warrior Trilogy

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"What happens n-" Lucy started to ask Naomi when the second werewolf made the first move and struck.

The second werewolf tried to sink its teeth into Lucy's arm when Lucy used the flat side of her sword to push against its neck and push it away. Then the first werewolf attacked Lucy. Naomi was running towards Lucy, about to help her up when the werewolf jumped on Lucy's back and pinned her to the ground, her face against the dirt. Naomi, with her fast reflexes, quickly pushed the edge of the sword under the werewolfís back and flipped it so that it was thrown onto the ground. Lucy got up.

"I'm okay," Lucy managed to say as she brushed herself off, seconds before the other werewolf leaped at her again. Lucy used the hologram spell - she closed her eyes, murmured "Five feet north," and waited. She was teleported to the back of the werewolf where she could easily make her move.

Tricked, the werewolf sat there for a moment, but then pounced on the hologram. Lucy then quickly slashed through the werewolf's back, cutting it in half so that blood spurted from it. The remaining werewolf backed away from Lucy but then turned to Naomi. It jumped on her instead, pinning her legs to the ground but fortunately leaving her arms free. She fumbled with her sword and then stuck it deep into the chest of the werewolf, making it instantly fall on its side.

Naomi pulled the sword out of its chest and a trickle of blood fell from the hole. Gingerly, she put it back in its sheath, deciding that she would definitely clean it later. Lucy still looked shaken after her attack. "Come on, let's get out of h-" Lucy started when she gasped and dropped her sword in surprise as three more werewolves came out of the greenery behind Naomi.

Naomi spun around, gasping too at the sight of them. "How many werewolves are there?" she thought aloud as one of them pinned Lucy down so she was helpless and the other two faced Naomi from opposite sides.

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Naomi reached for Lucy's sword that she had dropped, picked it up and placed it in her opposite hand. She then made the deadly move that she had shown to Lucy a while ago, spinning both swords in each of her hands so that if any werewolf took a single step closer they would be instantly chopped to pieces.

Stupidly the werewolves, thinking they could get a way round it, stepped closer.

Meanwhile, Lucy was playing dead, thinking and hoping that would get the werewolf off her. Also, hoping the werewolf wouldn't notice, she moved her head slightly to the left to see the werewolves being chopped in halves, quarters, eighths, sixteenths, and then she couldn't count anymore.

Stepping towards the last werewolf with both rapiers pointed towards it, Naomi quickly gave Lucy a reassuring smile, the same one that she had used earlier in the training room, the one that made her completely calm.

Naomi used one of the swords, hers, to stab the middle of the werewolf's back. It grew still. "Slide back so that your legs aren't weighed down anymore," she ordered calmly and Lucy obeyed, sliding away. Helplessly, the werewolf dropped to the floor and Naomi stepped away from the werewolf towards Lucy and gave her her sword back.

Returning to the werewolf with her sword, Naomi pulled out the sword from its back and it looked like it was painted in red. She winced at the sight and then sheathed it.

"Very good," a voice from Naomi's right spoke. She turned her head but she couldn't see any silhouette or shadow. "The girl's got strength, determination, courage, and other qualities that are useful for us."

Another voice spoke. "Yes, I agree. And that woman isn't half bad either. She has common sense when it comes to life-and-death situations. I think she has potential too."

"Show yourselves," Naomi beckoned confidently, turning fully to the voices. The voices came out of the shadows and there were about six or seven men, each one of them wearing a circular badge that looked like

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two Vs entwined.

"By the way, those werewolves were a test," the first man greeted, smiling in a way that made Naomi feel uncomfortable. "We heard rumours about you and wanted to see how strong you actually are, you know."

"Who spread those?" Naomi asked.

"Our friends who were killed."

Lucy stepped up from the ground, again brushing any dirt off her, and then turned to face the men. "And who are you people?" she asked calmly, not seeming to notice the quantity of the group and how tough they looked.

"We..." the second man said softly, "are the Vetini Vati."

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~-~Chapter 5~-~

Quickly and softly, Naomi let out a gasp. "And we would be honoured if you would join our group," one of the men whispered.

"What's the catch?" Naomi asked, narrowing her eyes at the gang.

"Well..." the first voice answered. "If you join our group, there is no turning back. You cannot leave this if you join it."

Naomi diverted her attention to Lucy. "Well, what do you think? We have nothing else to do, and it seems like we would be more successful in killing enemies," she spoke quietly. Lucy agreed and nodded her head, showing Naomi she wanted to join their group.

"Erm...yes then. We'll join," Naomi finally said after making a quick decision in her head. The group cheered and hugged each other, which made Naomi and Lucy chuckle. "So, what's the objective of the group?" she asked, smiling and walking towards them.

"Well, we were allies of a former bandit gang who were killed by someone who was supposedly a legend," the first man explained.

Naomi's smile faded.

~What the...~ she said to herself, looking at the floor. ~Let me get this straight. They were the friends of the bandits who I KILLED?~

"We don't know who killed them, though," the second man added.

~How foolish of me! Well at least there's one fewer group of bandits in the woods now.* The word 'legend' also brought back memories for Naomi. She remembered Lucy's words that night, when she had that dream: "I would be truly amazed if you became a legend." She looked at Lucy and smiled.

But there was no turning back, as the man had said. "Well, come on then. Let's go to our den and we can introduce ourselves there," the man suggested as the bandit gang, Naomi and Lucy walked west, then north-west and then south to make a zig-zag.

Eventually, they reached their hideout. This was basically a large tree in the middle with its branches spread out at the top, making a waterproof roof.

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There was one spot that was uncovered which someone had placed a jug underneath to collect rainwater. The floor was covered in leaves in all different colours and the place was dry so they could sit down on the floor if there wasn't room. There was a door in the middle of all this and branches camouflaged the sides of the hideout.

It was getting a bit dark so one of the men lit a campfire and the roaring flames danced before their eyes as they sat on fallen logs. Naomi warmed her hands, her palms facing the flames. It was getting quite cold too. Lucy buttoned up her cardigan.

"Alright, I think we'll introduce ourselves now." The man belonging to the first voice broke the ice. "I'm the leader of the gang. I'm called Jaques. The gang calls me Jack though." Naomi nodded, taking it in whilst Jaques continued. "This guy is my assistant. He's Naglad. You won't need to know the rest of the gang's names." Naomi nodded, deciding she wouldn't ask why.

Naglad took some chicken out of a basket and pushed it into the stick, holding the stick at arm's length in the fire. As the flames were crackling, it was soon roasted. Naomi noticed that Jaques was missing two front teeth. The rest of his teeth were crooked, brown and foul.

Naomi cringed at the sight of his teeth for a second but then relaxed, her eyes darting about and following the flames. Naglad pulled the chicken out of the flames, perfectly cooked, a light brown. He then ripped a piece off the chicken and began to eat it, passing the chicken to a unnamed member of the gang who tore a piece off and then passed it on until it came to Naomi. She only had a leg left as Lucy had eaten a previous leg so she ate it, having no other option.

Naglad was still eating his chicken. "Anyone want a drink of water?" he asked everyone as he walked towards the water container and picked it up, taking a few sips.

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He sat down on the log and then passed it along to everyone like he did with the chicken, and when it was Naomi's turn she downed the rest. She put the jug back in its place and returned to her seat on the log. "Naglad's in charge of the nourishment," Jaques explained.

Naomi sat back, leaning against the branches that camouflaged the area, thinking about what the gang actually did. She went outside while the bandits weren't looking and went deep into the forest to allow some time to herself.

Suddenly, she saw an arrow flashing past her eyes and it hit the bark of the tree outside. She thought that was a one-off. ~That was a narrow miss,* she thought, sighing with relief. Then she heard more arrows being shot. Next she heard a squawk and a blackbird fell lifeless on the grassy floor in front of the girl.

Naomi had an idea. She scooped the blackbird up in her hands and sat down, slowly taking the arrow out of the bird's chest. The trickle of blood became larger as Naomi loosened it more and more. Finally, she took it out and the blood eventually dried up. It was fully night now, so she nestled the bird in a hole inside the tree. Hoping no-one would kidnap her again, she went to sleep herself. She needn't worry about getting kidnapped; she was a light sleeper so if anyone picked her up she would immediately awaken and fight them.


Naomi's hopes were fulfilled and she woke up in the same place she was before. She looked at the bird hungrily but couldn't eat it because for one thing, it wasn't cooked and for another thing, she had to continue with her plan to keep the banditís trust, to make them know that she could be trusted.

She walked back to the den, using landmarks she had seen before going to sleep. Relieved, she reached the den and walked through the entrance through the strong, beautiful door. Her footsteps crunching upon the dry leaves awakened Jaques and Naglad. "Where have you been?" Jaques questioned curiously yet sleepily.

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"I was just getting our breakfast," she mumbled, no lying tone in her voice. Proudly she held up the bird. Her plan had worked. "Ah, we're getting ravenous just looking at it," Jaques replied, grinning. ~His grin isn't as bad as his smile.~ Naomi sat down where she sat the night before and Naglad began plucking the feathers off the bird.

When Naglad had finished, he stuck it on the stick and Jaques made another fire. There was a wood pile in the den which Naomi had not noticed before. Jaques threw that in the ashes and then rubbed flint together to make a spark. This lit up the fire and once it was going well, Naglad held the bird over the fire, the same way as he did with the delicious chicken the night before.

"Where do you get all the wood from?" Naomi questioned, folding her arms.

"Oh, there's loads of it lying around and if there isn't, we get our axes and chop it down ourselves," Naglad replied.

Naomi glanced at Jaques. He had greasy jet-black hair and a black bushy moustache too. He had a sparkling gold chain around his grubby neck and his green eyes shone like poison. He had thin, pale lips and very slightly pointed ears. Over his upper torso he had a ragged, torn cloth tunic which was a faded orange, tied together by his badge. It was sleeveless so his muscly arms showed clearly that he was very strong. Under that, round his waist, he had a brown sheath and his glinting silver sword was sheathed there.

His lower torso was covered by something that you couldn't tell whether it were shorts or leggings. They were a light, faded orange like his tunic and were ripped at the bottom. He was wearing black boots, the same colour as his hair and they were far too big for his feet. He was covered all over in injuries and his clothes were so dirty you could hardly see any orange in them.

Basically Naglad had the same look as Jaques, except for his facial appearance. He had short, messy light brown hair and aqua blue eyes, ending a centimetre after his fringe.

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He had medium-sized red lips and a small nose. He had a slight beard and rounded ears. He wore a silver chain around his grubby neck. Naomi guessed the gold was for the leader and the silver was for the assistant. She then saw the other members wore bronze chains, and thought her guesswork was correct. The bird was cooked and they ate it.

"Can I learn from you how to chop down trees?" Naomi asked hesitantly.

"Sure," Naglad answered calmly. "Now, we've got no time to lose, so go out into the forest and we'll get our axes and follow you out."

Naomi obeyed and walked out of the den entrance, entering the cool, dark forest. It was about nine in the morning but there was hardly any sunlight peeping through the trees. The bandits did follow and Naomi was about to get her first lesson in being a lumberjack.

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~-~Chapter 6~-~

They went into the centre of the forest, where the easiest trees to chop were. "I'll show you how to do it and you just follow me. I doubt you'll have any trouble, seeing as you're a natural to everything, but just do what I do. By the way, you may want to step back as this could hurt someone of our gang," Jaques said softly as he gripped the handle of the heavy, bronze axe in both hands and swung it at the tree. The tree started to drop at an angle and then its massive trunk fell to the ground with a sickening thud.

Naomi repeated that, and at the moment the blade hit the strong bark and fell to the ground, the bandits knew that she was a natural. "And then we get out our saws and cut the bark into pieces," Jaques said, getting out his chainsaw and halving one of the tree's bark in two. He handed Naomi his chainsaw and Naomi sawed through the other tree's bark with great strength. They continued sawing through these until it was almost time for lunch, which by that time all of the bandits had loaded their pockets and arms with pieces of bark and began the long walk back to the hut. They didn't have enough room between them for all the bark, though.

"What's going to happen to the other bark that we've left behind?" Naomi asked uncertainly.

"Well, we don't need that. We've got enough bark and someone else can take as much as they can from there if they wish." Then, they settled down to have some lunch, which was another chicken and Naglad lit the fire this time...

At about 10:00pm the bandits showed Naomi and Lucy the places they would sleep in. They were basically mattresses on wooden posts with a duvet and one pillow for each of them. Jaques saw Naomi and Lucy's faces. "Yeah, we know it's not 'luxury', but it's the best we can get," Jaques sighed as he walked out the room.

"Well, it is better than nothing," Naomi said, dressing into her nightie. She was just about to climb into her bed when it started to get immensely hotter than usual.

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"What is that?" Naomi asked Lucy and she replied with a shrug. They went to search for Jaques in the other room but instead ran into Naglad. "Hey, Naglad, where's Jaques? And what is that heat?" Naomi moaned, opening the door and looking out. About a hundred feet away there was a medium-sized dot of red, orange and yellow. A trail of smoke was coming towards them and it was getting thicker.

"One of those damn idiots started a forest fire," Jaques answered, running into the room. "Why? I have no clue. But I know one thing, and it's that we should get shelter before it reaches us and burns us into ashes!" he added. "Now come on!" He ushered Naomi and Lucy into a hole that was about 50 feet wide and was covered by a metal grid. "You'll be safe down there," Jaques reassured. "Just stay there and you'll be completely safe."

Soon all of them were in and Jaques just managed to get Naglad into the hole when the flames licked nearer and the heat became hotter. Naomi crawled further down the hole, edging away from the flames. Jaques tried to get the grid off but then saw that the flames were only about twenty feet away and it was coming towards him, fast. He tried to give the grid a heave but it was stuck. Nervously, he looked around. There was no other option but to stay there. Even if he ran, he couldn't run for ever and the flames would soon catch up to him. "I know I'll die, but please, I think I know of one other person who could take my place. Please elect-"

There was a high-pitched deafening scream...and then silence.

The flames were about fifty feet from the den when it suddenly died out. "Well, the flames are gone, so that's one less danger, but now how are we going to get this grid off ourselves?" Naomi asked everyone. One of the bandits pushed with all his might and the grid slid off as if it was easy to get rid of. "Wow, you're strong!" Naomi exclaimed and the man smiled, nodding.

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