The Legendary Warrior Trilogy

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~-~Chapter 1~-~

This sight greeted Yorin every night.

The Vetini Vati's camp appeared to be small but very crammed. The tents were clustered together as if to shelter from the cold wind that was howling, howling straight in the direction Yorin was so that it blew his light blonde hair everywhere, making it hard for him to see. Nevertheless, he peered between the thick trunks of the trees with his sea-blue eyes and stared at the camp, trying to make out what the gang was saying.

The camp was much neater than the Itav Initev's was. Its logs were stood at an exact right angle, so it seemed, and the campfire's warm, welcoming glow was beckoning him in. Suddenly, the deep voice of the gang leader was audible. Yorin leaned closer in, trying to be quiet at the same time, and listened.

However, his eyes became droopy, and the leader's voice was so quiet that he fell asleep. He had a habit of doing that, and it was surprising the gang hadn't chose another person to spy instead of him.

He had slept through the entire meeting. By the time he had woken up, the leader was saying: "Is that clear, then?" The others of the group all agreed and they eventually started to walk back into their tents.

Yorin let out a quiet sigh and brushed his left hand gently across his forehead - knocking some bark off a tree as he did so. "Hey!" the gang leader shouted. "Is anyone there?" Unwisely, Yorin started running, his footsteps crunching on the icy leaves below him. As he ran past a tree, an arrow thumped into one of its branches, dangerously close to where he was. He kept on running, arrows flying past him and into foliage.

Outrunning them, he eventually reached his gang's base. As he reached the opening, he took a few breaths. He then entered it, sweat dripping from his scalp.

Yorin came in quietly, but not quietly enough to get past the rest of his gang. The leader of the gang was named Moshinon. He was looking at him with an expression of curiosity. He raised one eyebrow.

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"So, what did you get for us?" he asked in his usual rough tone of voice.

Yorin said nothing at first. Moshinon was surprisingly patient with him, and waited. Eventually, Yorin confessed, "I'm sorry, Sir. I didn't catch anything they said. I fell asleep."

"Argh! You've let us down 'gain, Yorin," Moshinon complained, sipping his ale once more. "You always come back with li'l or no information each trip, because you nearly always fall asleep."

"I will strive to do better next time," Yorin replied solemnly. Moshinon snorted at that remark and blew bubbles out of his ale.

"Yeah, you keep sayin' that but you never do," argued Miradin, also known as Mirad. This was odd as Mirad was usually silent. Yorin looked at him with an annoyed expression.

"No, no, seriously, I will do," he promised, even grinning a little. Moshinon grinned back, possibly because of his ale.

"G'boy," he responded, patting Yorin on the back. "Now, me an' the rest o' us will discuss this while you get a g'night's rest. See you in the mornin'." Yorin obeyed as he left the room, walked north then west in the camp and then entered his tent. Sighing, he fell upon his fur bed, closing his eyes immediately, and then falling asleep in what seemed like minutes.

Moshinon was a Dwarvish term, literally translated as "no mush" but better understood as "doesn't dissapoint". Even though he talked in a rough tone of voice, and grumbled often, he had a Dwarvish accent. Miradin got his name from his famous father, called Aradin. He was too Dwarvish, and he worked in a gold mine. Aradin meant "Well dug", or "hard worker".

The name Itav Initev in itself meant "never beaten". This name was discussed by Moshinon and Miradin when the gang formed for the first time.

"Well, we didn't exac'ly get what we wan'ed," Moshinon started, having a slur because of the ale. "We told Yorin to get out, an' he came back with no information."

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There was a short pause, and he was about to say something else when Miradin interrupted him.

"Moshinon, sir, I 'ave an idea," he said with a smile. "Why don't we get Yorin to spy durin' the night? It would benefit 'im because he could 'ear more, and be more covered up."

"Not so sure 'bout that idea," Moshinon replied, downing the last of his glass.

"Go on, give it a chance!" Mirad encouraged.

"Well..." There was a longer pause. The twenty more gang members were interested to see his response. "A'right then, but you give 'im 'is orders. I think I'll go t' bed now..." Moshinon ordered as he walked directly north to his large tent, where he flopped on the bed and fell asleep almost as quickly as Yorin did.

* * *

Yorin ran through the woods, his heart pounding. He could hear distant voices behind him. Arrows caught the end of his clothes and pinned him to a thick trunk of a tree. The Vetini Vati caught up with him, laughing in his face. The leader of the gang aimed his bow and shot an arrow right in his chest, digging in, very nearly piercing his heart. The leader frowned at Yorin still moving, so he aimed another shot. Yorin tried to scream, but-

"Yorin!" Mirad shouted, bursting through his tent. For once Yorin was glad he had woken him up and walked through without asking.

"What? It's the middle of the night!" he mumbled.

"Listen..." Mirad started.

"We're givin' you a special job t' do," he explained quietly. Yorin looked at him with a raised eyebrow, as if to ask what the heck it was. Mirad sighed. "Yer quittin' spyin' in the day an' yer startin' spyin' in the night."

"...Are you trying to tell me I'm starting that new job right now?" Yorin asked with a slight tone of nervousness.

"O'course not! You need some sleep," Mirad exclaimed. "You 'ave a g'rest and you start tomorro'." As he left the tent, Yorin tossed and turned over to face the side of the tent, leaning on his right arm. It was about 2am when he got back to sleep.

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Moshinon woke up with an annoyingly painful headache. Groggily, he got up and dressed into a single crimson tunic, the texture of it being slightly rough as he clothed himself.

He walked out of his tent and to the log fire, the colour of the wood being black as coal. He threw the charred remains of the bark into the entrance of the woods as he entered them. He was searching for an animal to kill and bring back to the fire to cook, as well as some new firewood. It was roughly 4am so he had about three hours to do all that. If he didn't come back, the rest of the gang would be worried about him.

He soon found both a deer and a bird. The bird would be too small to share between the twenty-three of them, probably. However, the deer...

Moshinon felt for his pair of sheaths, where he had placed his twin throwing daggers. He took them out one by one, placing them in both hands. He aimed - and threw them at the deer. Unfortunately, the deer saw it coming, and dove out out the way, resulting in the two weapons digging into a trunk instead. The deer then sprinted off and eventually dissapeared into the distance. Moshinon sighed, retrieved his daggers, and continued searching.

Dawn was slowly coming, and the sun was rising. He found a flock of woodpeckers, about six or seven of them roosting in the trees towering above him.

Instead of attacking one of them at a time with both his daggers, he aimed and then threw one dagger at each of the birds. He then repeated this four times, as he only had two daggers. All of them except one hit, which was a little off-target. Moshinon then sheathed them, as he most likely wouldn't use those again in his trip. Next, he picked the birds up one by one and stuffed them in his sack. Turning around and going the opposite direction, Moshinon now found the entrance to the forest, or to where he was, the exit.

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At the entrance (or the exit), he found that not only had the charred bark dissapeared but there was a fresh pile of sticks in its place. What was this? This had never happened before. Moshinon cautiously picked the sticks up as if there might be a monster inside one of them and placed some of them in his sack as well. There wasn't enough room for all of it, so he had to make do with holding some sticks in his left hand and holding a sack in his right.

He trudged along the muddy field seperating his camp from the forest. When he got back to his camp, the stick that was nailed into the ground reflected its shadow, and revealed it was 5:30am. He had just enough time to roast the birds, their breakfast, before the rest of the Itav Initev would enter the centre of the camp.

He stuck one of the bird's bodies onto one of the sticks. Blood spurted from the body and stained it. Moshinon didn't blink as he rubbed two pieces of flint together, which were lying by the fire, and created a spark. He repeated that near the pile of sticks that were now where the campfire spot was, and it eventually evolved into a roaring fire. He held the free end of a stick and held the bird over the fire.

He did this again and again with the other birds, but as soon as he reached the fifth one the Itav Initev members began to get out of their tents and enter the middle of the campfire.

"Oh, s'rry, I lost track o' time. I guess you'll 'ave to wait a li'l longer for your breakfast," Moshinon said to Miradin as he seated himself on a thick log turned onto its side. He was sat south of where Moshinon was at that moment.

"No, it's 'kay. I guess we can wait. D' you want me t' help?" Miradin asked as he flicked a piece of sleep grot out of the corner of his eye and approached the fire.

"I s'ppose," Moshinon replied as Miradin took one of the spare sticks and stuck the sixth bird onto it, holding the end with the bird on over the fire.

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It was warm and comforting, compared to the frosty late-autumn weather. Once all the birds had been roasted Miradin went back to his seat on the log. By that time all of the Itav Initev members had left their tents and chose their positions to sit around the red and orange blaze.

Following the Itav Initev's arrival to breakfast around the fire, one of them suddenly rubbed his stomach. "Hey, sir, I'm still hungry," he complained. His stomach rumbled for a few seconds before going quiet. "Could we go to the forest to catch our breakfast? I know you took a lot of time to catch our food, but I'm starving. That woodpecker didn't really fill me up." The others, even Yorin, agreed.

"A'right, a'right, we'll go t' the forest huntin' area if it makes you happy. You'll 'ave t' catch somethin' t' fill you up until dinner though," came the reply from Moshinon. Joyful mumbles came from around the campfire and from the logs. "Gather up yer things an' let's go." Slowly the logs emptied and the men began to file into their tents, into their rooms, and gathered their hunting equipment.

They all had different weapons. Some had throwing daggers like Moshinon, some swords or arrows.

"Right, come on," Moshinon ordered sleepily as he with his gang trudged out of their headquarters.

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~-~Chapter 2~-~

By now the men had caught their lunch as well as their breakfast, and it took every single one of them to carry two huge deer back to their camp. The deer's eyes stared blankly ahead in their white skin, their faces having no expression. Three arrows were stuck in different places around their bodies, revealing missed hits. But the deer were now both clearly dead.

It took a very long time to roast even one of them. By the time it had finished, a black bearded man walked towards Moshinon and handed him something. Moshinon stared at him with a raised eyebrow. "What d' you want?" he grunted.

"It's - It's a letter from the..." He briefly checked what seemed to be a letter. "...Vetini Vati." He said it slowly, as if it were some foreign language.

"An' you are? I've never seen y' before," Moshinon shot back.

"...I'm a message deliverer," the man replied. "...It's obvious."

"O'course it is!" the leader of the Itav Initev gang snapped. "But where's my other message deliverer?"

"...I don't know!" the message deliverer answered, sounding nervous and shaken. Before Moshinon could say anything else, the bearded man turned and rushed off quickly. Moshinon sighed and opened up the letter. "That damn Vetini Vati..." he muttered. "O' great. Come over 'ere, you guys, take a look at this."

The gang all crowded round the message and peered at it. It read:

"To the Itav Intiev,

We would like to make it clear that we know you have a spy infiltrating us. Previously we were uncertain about this, but now we know for a fact that this is the case. Let me make it perfectly obvious that if we have one more encounter with another of your agents, we will not hesitate to do the same to you; on a much greater scale.

So be warned.
Leader of the Vetini Vati."

"Dammit...they've caught our spy," Moshinon mumbled, tearing the letter into tiny bits and scattering them on the ground. He glanced at Yorin. "Y' better b' more careful when yer spyin'," he warned him.

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The day went and passed, more quickly that Yorin had thought it would; as it was now nighttime. "I have to be more careful..." Yorin thought nervously as he climbed out of bed and reached for his equipment. "Otherwise...who knows what Moshinon would do as a punishment if he found out?"

He exited his small tent without a sound, walked through the muddy field, and entered the forest. It was darker than usual because this was Yorin's first time at spying in the night. Carefully, he made his way through the depths of thick branches and dry leaves, plunging himself into even more darkness, so he could not even see his hand in front of his face. Yorin then fell face first to the ground with a loud thump as he tripped over a branch that was lying on the ground.

He stood up and was immediately struck and brought to the ground again. Silhouettes surrounded him. They tied his hands behind his back with a rope, and they did the same to his legs. Then two of them carried Yorin whilst the others followed, to a clearing that had a stone altar in the middle. The figures lay him face-down on the altar so if he spoke it came out as a muffle. Yorin bit the cloth off of his mouth and screamed. The person who was standing in front of the crowd drew a knife, from what seemed to Yorin as nowhere, and let out a laugh.

That laugh was exactly like the one Yorin had heard before Miradin woke him up in his tent...

...and then he woke up, lying flat on the ground again. He had woken himself up with his own scream, and it echoed around the forest. Yorin rubbed his head and cautiously got to his feet, as if he was going to be pushed down like in his dream. The cold wind met his face and body, making goosebumps on his arms. He shivered but then heard heard distant voices, and saw a dot glowing far away. Relieved, he sighed, and Yorin continued on. A few moments later he was at the tree he was hiding behind the day before.

"I sent the letter out this morning," Terak was saying to his gang.

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"I hope they've recieved it. We need to let them know about the plans." The leader peered round the outer area of the camp. "I hope no-one's spying on us now. Otherwise...well, they know what'll happen."

Yorin held his breath. Luckily, Terak continued speaking and didn't search. "So...nothing to report, except that they actually mean what they said in the letter," he thought to himself. He turned around, taking care not to make any noise, and walked quietly back to the Itav Initev camp.

When he was roughly 200 feet away from the camp, he spotted a figure, however he couldn't work out who it was. The figure was little in size, only about 5 foot 3, and it had long hair falling from its scalp like a curtain, hiding the back of its head. It had thin limbs and appeared to be peering through the trees, straight at the middle of the camp. As usual the Itav Initev were having their nightly meeting around a warm fire that lit up the ground with ease. They were talking, Moshinon doing it the most.

Yorin crept up to the shadow but kept a good distance away from it, so if he moved it wouldn't notice easily. He managed to crouch behind a bush and get a side view of the figure. There was something unusual about this person. Then Yorin saw a lime-green band around its torso. Yorin knew there was something strange about it. After seeing that, he realised who it was. He was surprised he didn't realise it earlier.

Slowly, he started to walk towards the figure, but because it was dark he couldn't see where he was going. The silhouette was near the fire, so Yorin could see it clearly. Consequently he tripped over a small stick. It made a noise, a quiet one so the Itav Initev couldn't hear over the crackling fire, but the figure heard. It turned to face Yorin and from that point he found the figure was a girl. Yorin could see the fear in her green eyes as she ran away from him. However, he wanted to know why she was there, so he chased after her.

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He found her leaning against a single tree in a clearing, getting her breath back. But when she saw Yorin again, her breathing was heavier than ever. The fear in her eyes returned, and it was obvious she was scared. Yorin slowly placed a hand on her shoulder, hearing a final whimper from the girl before she was deathly silent. "Who are you, and what were you doing back there?" he asked.

The girl hesitated, but then after a few more seconds, she replied, "I'm - I'm Jasmine." She let out a breath. Yorin repeated, "And what were you doing?" Silence filled the air once more. "I - I saw this glow, s-so I went to it b-but then I saw these p-people a-and I was s-scared." Yorin looked at her again. She was only about eleven years old. "You weren't spying, were you?" he questioned.

Jasmine had a worried look on her face as she said, "No." but Yorin didn't know whether she was lying or not. Still, what were the chances of an eleven-year-old girl spying for the Vetini Vati? He shook the thought off and said, "Go back to my camp. It's..." He looked up to the stars. "...south-east from here."

Jasmine looked nervous. "But I'm too s-scared to go on my own," she replied. Yorin returned his eyes to the sky again. The sun was just beginning to rise, so what point would there be in going to spy now? He sighed and said, "I'll go with you then."

* * *

It took about 10 to 15 minutes to get back to the camp, and by that time the sun was clearly rising. By this time Moshinon would have gone to get food, but the deer from the night before hadn't been finished, so they were going to finish it that day. They were, however, going to have a extra mouth to feed.

The camp had gone into their tents from the nightly meeting before, but they hadn't woken up yet, so the pair silently walked into the camp. "Go to my tent and stay in there," he said the words 'stay in there' with extreme precision "and don't leave it until I tell you to. Okay?" Jasmine nodded and did as Yorin said.

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