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Moshinon snickered as Jasmine was tied onto a log and leant against a tree. "Why did you spy on us?" he demanded sternly. Jasmine gulped and said nothing. In response, Moshinon whipped out one of his throwing daggers, and pointed it at Jasmine's neck. "You must tell us!" he shouted.

"I - I had to," she answered timidly. The leader was getting tired now. "That's not a reason!" he snapped. He inched the sword closer to her neck. "If you don't tell me, I'll kill you!"

"T - That's what I had to do in order not to get killed at my home," Jasmine responded shakily. Seeing that he wouldn't have to do any slaughtering yet, Moshinon sheathed his throwing dagger. "Tell us more," he beckoned. Jasmine, determined not to share anything more with them, kept her mouth shut. So the gang leader drew his sword again, but this time drawing a thin line of blood against the girl's throat. "This is what you get when you mess with us!" he muttered.

"I'm only eleven! Please!" Jasmine pleaded, as Moshinon pressed the blade harder against her. "No! Please! You can't kill me, after all the pain I experienced from seeing you kill my own father!" Jasmine blurted out.

There was a sudden silence.

"...What?" Moshinon said, not quite understanding that.

"That spy...that spy you killed after that hare slaughter..." Jasmine explained, her eyes watering. "That was my father."

Moshinon stared at her. "Are you sure?" he asked. Jasmine nodded. "Really?" She sighed. "Yes!" she repled, annoyed. "Now please get me down from here. It's hurting my arms."

That reminded the leader of what he had to do. "Oh no," he muttered. "You don't get away from us that easily." Jasmine's eyes widened again, and the more she protested, the more likely she was to get killed. The gang had no mercy for anyone, anyone at all, even 11-year-old girls, especially those who are spies.

In the end, she was killed. It was quick though, and after that incident they entered their tents and fell asleep, quick as a flash.

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~-~Chapter 5~-~

Morning arrived, and as the gang were having their breakfast, Moshinon and Miradin made a special announcement. "Right, guys," Moshinon started off. "We 'ave seen many spy attempts over the last couple o' days, an' we don't like it, do we? So we 'ave declared war on the Vetini Vati." The gang gasped and started talking to each other nervously.

"We sent the message out this mornin'," Miradin continued. "An' they replied back sayin' they accept. So we 'ave t' get ready for battle now." Obeying, the gang each went into their separate tents and brought out their weapons. Yorin came out of his tent with his usual bow and arrows. He had his spare weapon back from Jasmine the night before.

Moshinon led the way, with Miradin following behind and the rest of the gang following him. They entered the forest and kept marching until they reached the tree that Yorin hid behind every night. They checked the camp and the Vetini Vati were only just getting ready to fight their rivals.

Seeing this as a weak defence point, the Itav Initev charged into their enemies' headquarters. This took them by surprise; they grabbed all they had at that time and retaliated.

Moshinon was 1-on-1 with Terak. The II leader used his throwing daggers to aim for Terak's solar palex, but he dodged and at that moment thrust his sword, aiming for Moshinon's stomach area. After doing so, he brought out another sword. Moshinon had neatly missed his attack, and Terak unwisely went forward to retrieve his sword that was lying on the ground. He thought he would be able to get it without being attacked.

Noticing him running towards it, Moshinon aimed - threw one of his throwing daggers - and it made a deep cut through the clothing and the back of Terak. The VV leader straightened up and groaned in pain, his front to Moshinon - allowing a chance for Moshinon to get a perfect aim with his other throwing dagger to Terak's heart. It did hit, and Terak fell to the ground, not moving at all.

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At this time, Yorin was against a tree, breathing deeply, catching his breath after that walking. Carelessly his eyes wandered around the clearing - and fixed on a bush. Although it didn't seem like a bush. There was a circle of grass-like plants surrounding a small, brown, flat piece of soil. It had a black grate in the middle, which looked pretty easy to pull off. Underneath was pure darkness.

"S-Sir," Yorin panted. Moshinon swivelled round, his eyes now on the man. "What?" he replied sharply. He lifted his hand and pointed to the circle of grass. The leader raised his eyebrows at him and walked over to it, peering downwards. "Well, well," he grinned, looking up at the gang members. "This might be it." He beckoned them over, before murmuring to Yorin, "Thanks."

Moshinon grasped the grate and pulled it off easily, before saying, "Climb into the hole 'n' make your way downwards." He glanced downwards again. He could now make out the faint shape of a ladder at the side. "There's a ladder there." One by one, the gang members slowly climbed down the hole. Moshinon followed them, and Yorin was the last to go. He pulled the grate with him and placed it over the opening after he climbed in.

Once they had all jumped off the ladder and were underground, they had a good look around. And what they saw shocked even Moshinon. They had never known about it, and they weren't surprised that they hadn't.

It was a huge underground complex.

It was a enormous room filled with a lot of smaller rooms. One part of it was the furnace and smithy, for creating weapons and armour. You could see all the VV's resources stacked in a corner in piles of type. Next there was a training arena. There were lit torches stuck in holes around the sides of the room for needed light, otherwise the trainees wouldn't be able to see what they were doing. It had sacks for melee and target boards for archery.

Moshinon's eyes darted in and out of each of the rooms, his eyes filling with frustration.

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There was one last room that they hadn't explored yet. Moshinon opened the smooth oak door, and stared inside. It was the second-largest room after the training arena, and it was filled with different pieces of script, each one explaining the VV's strategies in great detail. He walked in fully and examined some of the notes.

He read through everything, not surprised by any strategy of theirs because he had done it all before - until he came to some spy notes. Raising his eyebrows, he noticed the rough, untidy handwriting of a little girl - most likely Jasmine. He had a read of them. Jasmine had always spied on them when they were having their nightly meetings - every single detail was laid out of the page.

As Moshinon continued reading, his facial expression looked as if it was about to burst into flames. When he had finished reading, he slammed the paper back down on the desk so hard that it wobbled. "I am so glad that I killed their spy..." he muttered to himself. He walked back out of the room, where his gang were waiting for him.

Miradin sighed. "What are we exac'ly goin' t' do with this then?" he asked. He paused. "Well, we could use it as our own, but it would be quite a while away from our headquarters, wouldn't it?" He scratched his head thoughtfully. One of the gang members smirked. "We could turn it into a giant sparring arena," he said to himself. Moshinon overheard him and spun around, quick as a flash.

"That's a great idea!" he exclaimed, grinning. "Well done, you. But how would we make it...?" he asked himself. The same gang member pointed to the piles of resources in the smithy and furnace room. Moshinon nodded. Yorin then suggested, "And wood. We can get that from the forest above us." Moshinon nodded at that as well.

"So...when are we goin' t' start work?" Miradin asked, shrugging. Moshinon scratched his chin. "...Tomorrow," he finally said. "Now let's go back t' camp." With that, the II went back to the ladder, exited the complex and left.

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When the II were in the middle of walking back to their headquarters, they caught some food along the way; three nice brown rabbits. Moshinon stuffed them in his sack that he always had with him, and then the gang continued on their way, back to the camp.

Once they had reached the camp, they sat around the fire that Miradin lit this time, while Moshinon roasted the rabbits on the stick over it. Miradin had a knife with him to cut the skin off of any animals, so he gave it to the II leader who then deskinned all three.

They started eating, and when they had finished, they filed into their tents and went to sleep.

* * *

Earlier than usual, Yorin woke up. Someone was tugging him out of his bed. It wasn't time for spying yet, at least he didn't think it was, so why was Miradin or Moshinon waking him up now? He sleepily took another look at the figure. It wasn't one of the two at all. It was a total stranger, by the looks of it.

As he was still half-asleep, he didn't have enough energy to fight back and not allow the stranger to tug him out of his bed and tent, so he went along with it. He was silently dragged all the way to somewhere in the forest, out of eyesight and earshot from the II camp.

This was when the figure revealed himself, and under the moonlight Yorin could see him properly. It was in fact Oden, but he was covered with all sorts and sizes of bandages, some with blood clearly seeping through. Oden grabbed Yorin's shoulders as he stared at him worriedly.

"What are you doing?" Yorin hissed at him, angrily yet sleepily. It was Oden's turn to be worried now. "Nearly all of my gang members have died, from countless injuries. We're running very short of members, I was one of the few to survive."

Yorin's eyes showed hints of frustration as he listened to every word that Oden was saying. With frustration in his voice also, he muttered, "Well, what has it got to do with me?"

Oden stared into Yorin's eyes, and then slowly whispered, "We want you to join us."

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~-~Chapter 6~-~

Yorin stared back at him, furious that Oden had actually thought that he would join them. "What do you think you're doing?" he muttered, folding his arms after brushing Oden's hands off of his shoulders. "I wouldn't join you, you're the rival gang of mine! If I somehow wanted to join you and did, Moshinon would kill me. Literally." Yorin's eyes dropped to the ground and he sighed. "I - I don't know why I haven't killed you by now. Then again, I haven't got a weapon." He managed a very small smile, even though he was still angry with Oden.

He looked up from the ground just as Oden produced a rather large sack. Where Yorin could see, he showed the opening and inside were hundreds of small gold coins. From that moment he found it actually hard to decide whether he should leave the II or not.

"Well?" Oden asked in a quiet murmur, slyly pushing the bag nearer to Yorin, so that he would be able to see how many more coins there were. "What do you say?"

Yorin found it hard to decide because he had never been paid anything for being a spy for the Itav Initev. He was doing it for free, and Moshinon had never given him any money at all, no matter how hard he worked or how much information he had brought back to the camp. But he didn't want to get killed...and that was more important than money. However Oden seemed to be able to read his mind.

"Don't worry, we will protect you. The rest of the gang and I will. And if you do decide to join us, then we will go to that town and recruit people from there, and we can train them with our underground complex!" Oden paused. "You do know about that, don't you?" Yorin nodded. "Good." The spy still looked unsure. His gang was going to turn it into a giant training arena. But what if they got loads of recruits and then met the Itav Initev down there, building their arena?

He decided he wouldn't tell Oden for now, but then returned to the original question: would he join the Vetini Vati? He was still unsure.

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Yorin was finally able to say something. He spoke in a soft, doubtful whisper. "I...honestly don't know," he mumbled. Oden rolled his eyes and sighed. "Please," he pleaded. "I need gang members, and the ones left remaining are in crucial condition. I won't be able to recruit members by myself. I need someone else. So I thought the only other way was to get members from my...rival gang." He looked into Yorin's eyes, and once again brought out the bag of money.

Yorin broke the eye contact and stared at the ground. Okay, so maybe they would protect him. Oden managed to survive the conflict, didn't he? He was strong enough to do that. And he got money as well! Also, once the recruits got trained- The training arena. Which was now the Itav Initev's. Oh well. It's a pretty good deal anyway. And Moshinon was horrible also, treating him like dirt.

Yorin slowly looked up at Oden, then closed his eyes, and uttered a single word.


Oden's eyes and facial expression lit up with glee. "Thank you so much," he murmured quickly, grinning. He then paused for a moment. "But no turning back, okay? You can't change your mind now." He patted Yorin's shoulder as they began to walk in the direction of the VV camp. "You are now a member of the Vetini Vati. Congratulations."

* * *

The pair reached the Vetini Vati headquarters. The camp indeed had very few members still alive; with corpses still spread around the area, but the ones who had weren't in what Oden had called 'crucial condition' at all. They had a few bandages and sprains, but that was about it.

"Here's your new gang member, guys," the now-VV-leader announced, lightly pushing Yorin forward. The members of the Vetini Vati stared at the ex-II member, then at Oden. "But...but sir, he's a member of the other gang," one of the VV nervously responded.

"Well, I managed to...persuade...him to join," Oden replied slyly, now handing Yorin the bag of coins. "And we are going to protect him from Moshinon, isn't that right?"

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The members obediently nodded as Yorin reached into the bag and pulled out a handful of those shining gold coins. He could not believe his eyes. As he was staring at them, Oden continued. "We need to protect him from Moshinon. Because you guys know him, don't you? If he finds out that Yorin here has joined our gang, which he probably will, he will hunt him down and try to kill him." Yorin was too busy pulling out more of the coins to listen to what Oden had to say.

The leader of the Vetini Vati turned to face the ex-spy. "Now, what you need to do, you need to go back to the Itav Initev and get some more rest for later. And when you get the chance to sneak past Moshinon and the others, you will, won't you? And come here." Yorin nodded in agreement. "Good. Goodbye!" Oden lightly patted him on the shoulder which was when Yorin turned around and started to walk back to the Itav Initev camp.

* * *

The morning came and Moshinon didn't ask what Yorin had brought back (referring to information) because there were too little members there that it wouldn't be worth it. They sat silently, eating what was left of the rabbits from the night before. Yorin then remembered his promise, and raised his hand slightly, as if to ask a question. Moshinon nodded to him. "I feel a little tired, to be honest," Yorin mumbled, breaking the silence. "Could I...go back to sleep? Please?"

Moshinon raised his eyebrows at his query, but then muttered, "Ah. I s'pose that you 'aven't 'ad much sleep with your spying an' all that. But this is just for a one-off, 'kay? Yes, go on then. But this is a one-off." Yorin nodded in a slight rush, not really paying attention to anything Moshinon said, and then pretended to walk sleepily back to his tent. Once he was inside, he just waited for the right moment.

As Moshinon took a long sip of his ale, he turned, his back facing camp, to face the other members. "Well... what shall we do today?" he asked, not really expecting an answer.

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"Shall we go t' find some more food?" The rest of the gang automatically nodded as Moshinon started to tell them where they would go. This was Yorin's only chance.

He quietly undid his tent and crept out, nearly tripping over the bottom of the tent as he did so. He glanced alarmingly at the members of the Itav Initev, but they were too focused on Moshinon to notice him. He went around the tent towards the back, and then ran for it.

He ran into the forest surrounding the gang's headquarters, and then gradually went diagonally left towards the area where the II would usually set off hunting. No sign of them yet. He wiped some sweat off his forehead in relief, and then went in the direction of the Vetini Vati camp.

As he got nearer, he searched for any signs of people, as he couldn't see any from the distance he was at at that moment. The tents were all closed. They hadn't woken up yet! Yorin grinned to himself as he kept walking closer towards the camp.

When he got inside their headquarters, he sat on one of the logs around the now burnt-out fire, waiting for Oden to reappear. Fifteen minutes passed, and still no sign of him. That's when he heard a faint, familiar voice, but it was becoming louder and louder each second. He ran to the side of a tent and ducked to hide himself. It was the Itav Initev, going to hunt.

He held his breath and did not move until he had made sure they were out of earshot and they could not see him. When he was completely certain they were gone, he rose from the tent. As he was walking back to the log he had previously been sitting on, Oden appeared from the tent that Yorin had been hiding behind. He blinked at the ex-spy. "...Yorin?" he asked uncertainly. "When did you arrive? Just now?" Yorin shook his head. "No. I came here about twenty minutes ago."

Oden looked slightly guilty. "...Sorry to keep you waiting. We weren't expecting you here at such an early time." He turned towards the tents, and called out, "Get up, you lazy lot!"

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One by one, the members of the Vetini Vati got out of their tents and into the middle, where Yorin and Oden were. The leader commanded them to sit down, and then he announced, "Today we are going to go into the town." in response to that, the gang mumbled amongst themselves, but Oden silenced them. "After all, we all need some new clothes. And Yorin has all that money to spend." Yorin had kept the sack from making a noise by wrapping it in his tunic, and now unravelled it to produce the sack.

"And we are going to protect Yorin, as well as possibly recruit members for our gang. So there are a lot of reasons why we're going into the town." He paused. "So, get your last-resort weapons, just in case we run into anyone...that we don't like," he finished, referring to the Itav Initev. Obediently, the gang members went back into their tents, and reappeared; some with daggers and some with a small shortbow with arrows, all with a bottle of poison or venom.

After they had gathered in their group once again, they set off. As Yorin was walking, he had a sudden thought. ~Maybe the Itav Initev had finished hunting by now... ~ he wondered. *But you never know. And if they have, they might have gone into my tent to wake me up... Only I wouldn't have been there, and they will be going crazy trying to find me.~ He glanced at Oden. ~They wouldn't have even thought of the idea that I could have joined the rival gang.~

By the time Yorin had finished his thoughts, he focused on the sight before him. It was the town, and he had been there before, but he didn't remember it like its current state.

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