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Azi Demonica

Azi Demonica

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Another day in the awesome world we live in.

In other news, I finished fixing my Cold Steel poleaxe. It lost a foot of shaft from the top, so I had to improvise a fix. I cut the metal tube-section beneath the axe head, then he remainder of the top into a jar of water for two day so that the wood expands from the water. I then grinded a bit of the rim down, hammered the axe head back on, drilled a slight rectangular-shaped hole down the top of the shaft, then hammered a metal wedge down in, thus expanding the wood and holding the axe head in place. The wedge came from a railway spike, I used an angle grinder to cut the tip off.

21-Jul-2018 22:06:43

Gunslinger Z

Gunslinger Z

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Inferi said:
Annie1227 said:
We all make mistakes

Yes, reporting someone for hate speech when there was no cause for it certainly constitutes a mistake.

Yeah, I got banned too because of CrazyJ, RellikSlacan and so on and so forth. Boy, it sure is strange that they only come on these forums to post "is this thread dead???" and report people to the one forum mod that actually still gives a shit about these neglected ass forums for a quickly deteriorating game.
Seriously, no. Stop. No.

21-Jul-2018 23:20:32



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Guess I can't be a total hypocrite on the topic of "dead forums" when I'm personally going thru all the suggestion threads 1 by 1 and having the forum mods lock them down [insert various reasons] Are you questioning my insanity or my incompetence?
Some seek refuge in audacity. I seek refuge in absurdity.

22-Jul-2018 02:40:17

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