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Dr D Kay
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Dr D Kay

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Quick Q - Why isn't the conversion rate of BXP to Credits consistent?

At the extremes for me I have 893BXP/1 Credit and then 2024BXP/1 Credit.

Sure BXP should be the same conversion throughout?

Just a thought!

18-Jan-2016 06:23:14

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I am having a hard time swallowing this same pill. A few days ago, I traded in all my BXP for credits. I don't remember the exact number, but I estimate I got 968BXP/1 cred. I got the diviners outfit and 10 pulse cores with the exchange, for a total of 1550 credits, but I used BXP that I've just been gathering in game.

Today, I spend $49.99 real money to purchase 200 keys. I put all the dust to my lowest skill and racked up 1,520,000+ BXP. When I went to trade them in, the rate is now 5103BXP/1 credit. I spent *50 for 301 credits, and I can't even get ONE piece of the outfit I was going for!

I'm choked. Really. WTF?!

22-Jan-2016 03:23:16

Aethel Wolf
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Aethel Wolf

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Why is this in Forum Games in the first place? And it's been over 3 years.

No point bumping up something like this. Guess it's time to close the thread. You may bring back the discussion in the Game section whenever Vic comes round again.

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