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Welcome to Quickly, before they see! V7


Hey guys, Iceberg here. This is the 7th version of Joe's Quickly, Before They See game. If you've never played before then that's great; it's always nice to see new faces around here. Please be sure to read the rules of the game before posting, so that you know how to play.



、 Version 1 : 18/Jan/2014 by Joe Schmo
、 Version 1ス : 01/July/2014 by Iceberg
、 Version 2 : 06/Sept/2014 by Joe Schmo
、 Version 3 : 22/Oct/2014 by Joe Schmo
、 Version 4 : 15/Jan/2015 by Joe Schmo
、 Version 4ス : 27/July/2015 by Iceberg
、 Version 5 : 22/Dec/2015 by Iceberg
、 Version 6 : 01/Oct/2016 by Iceberg
、 Version 7: 13/Mar/2017 by Iceberg



The idea is that we have to count to 15 before a certain person finds out and posts. If we count to 15 and they haven't posted, the count is reset and a new person is picked. If the person does post before we've reached 15, they win and get to pick the next person.

Please only choose players that are active within Forum Games.
If somebody posts 15 and does not choose a new person, the next poster chooses and must start the count at 1.
If the target player contributes to the count, keep going! They have to see that they're the target in order to reset the count.

Person 1:
We should count to 15 before Person 4 posts!
Person 2:
Person 3:
Person 4:
I am Person 4, I win! We should now count to 15 before _____ posts!

Enjoy! :)

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