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Evening all, apologies if this is the wrong place.

My current goal is looking into starting to learn Telos and am wondering the best way to proceed.

I know magic is currently the go-to style to use, and if i use magic i'll probably be using virtus, hailfire and nox staff whilst learning, upgrading to tectonic once i've an idea what I'm doing.

My question is, i have a full set of trimmed masterwork armour, and am wondering if melee with this set bonus would be better to use whilst learning?

Or is magic still that much better to use? i can always try both i just don't want the hassle of perking both sets straight away.

Thanks guys!

18-Mar-2019 21:17:59

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It's actually much better to use custom fitted TMW since its slow to degrade and the set bonus helps dealing with spec. Melee is perfectly viable, even at higher enrages. Advantage of mage is the stuns and higher affinity on the golems but you don't really need to worry about golems until high enrage when their hp is a lot higher. °l||l° Modest Skillers T7 Citadel | Skilling clan recruiting players. °l||l°
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19-Mar-2019 12:30:56

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