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Hey guys.
i'm a new player to runescape, been playing about three months and I finally made enough gp to buy a bond, I hear it's easier to make gp with p2p, i'm wondering what are some good money making tips for someone who just got a membership and needs to make enough gp to get another one in 14 days.
here's my stats :

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Your stats aren't very high for efficiently get fast money in members!
Your smithing is useful to smelt rune ores into bars and sell them and buy ores and repeat!
Do superheat on them! Pretty good money in F2P!
I have a goal now!

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If you can only afford 1 bond I would suggest leveling ur stats up higher and make some more gp before you get membership. You can steal zammy wine with teleblock at the zammy temple close to the goblin village.

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Farming. You spend little time and make big profits.
Shopping. The items in the store are usually underpriced and in demand.
Cannonballs. Poor exp. but decent profits for an afk method.

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