Clan 7 day rejoin timer

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Mod Balance said:
The cooldown before joining is there to prevent clan-jumping (so a player can't collect resources in multiple citadels for instance).

We've changed it to allow players who join a clan to start using the citadel immediately. We expect this to have a positive effect on the retention of clan members (they won't be likely to give up on the clan before the week is over).

We also expect that those who join clans now, will do so with much more thought (as they'll have to wait 7 days to join another), hopefully leading to more loyal clan-members. This shouldn't affect most people as the first clan they join is normally the one they stick with; so this change benefits them.

We've made this change based on a lot of evidence (both direct player feedback, and observation of clan recruitment numbers)****;small><center>
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I'd like to point out that all of the moderators, with respect, put out the same message regarding this very topic. If you check the forums, you see loads of people crying out against this update. I will admit that a few support it, though.

You know the old saying, "The customer is always right?" That golds true here.

- J.

01-Mar-2015 09:27:03

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