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10-Jun-2019 10:51:51

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Tuffty said:
Rooh said:
killer sku44 said:
Legit almost every single account with the exception of 5 possibly, is botting right now at the portal in FFA, come purge these dudes for calling u mark nuggets last time you came. Simba scripts bruh, get it done.
ell yeah im gonna name shame until these are banned
, im legit giving you the names, how simple is it.


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, I will report in game, so don't bother commenting, even though the report will do nothing :). May as well just hide it. Even though jagex don't care.

Looks like you already know how to handle bots, so I'll lock this now as there's no point reporting names here as there's no evidence.

No need to keep making threads. You report them Jagex will deal with them.


CM Nick

As others have helpfully pointed out, reporting players you think are breaking the rules is the best way to highlight this to Jagex and get action taken.

I can assure you that reports are always looked at, and if there is sufficient evidence, the respective accounts will have action taken against them. Obviously this can take some time, and it's not instant, but rest assured that botting is indeed an offense that is taken quite seriously.


Tuffty said:
Everyday I spam report the same accounts

You only need to report Once per suspect account.

You also keep making a New Bot rant thread daily. Please don't. Nothing at all can be done about them via the forums. We see Bot threds daily and 99% of the time they are locked for naming and shaming or just another Rant about bots.

Please don't make another bot thread.

How much advice are you seeking on how to deal with suspect players....

As I said Bot threads on the forums are not needed. They do not help.
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What do you call a laughing motorcycle? A Yamahahaha. :P

10-Jun-2019 10:58:44

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