needing mod to contact me.Thread is locked

Quick find code: 14-15-570-66110353

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12-Jul-2019 13:28:06

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A Jmod isnt going to contact you.

You need to do a recovery which will take off authenticator, let you set a new
email and password

Good luck
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12-Jul-2019 13:33:30



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never a good idea to post your email address here under any circumstances so be prepared for an influx of fake phishing emails......

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Boot / Lock your Account Guide (click me)

The link will provide you with the necessary steps on how to take your next steps in securing your email along with your account. The quick link to the support center below is for changing the registered email.

Forgotten Registered Email (click me)

I've hidden your opening post to prevent others from sending you emails that you don't need or want.
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12-Jul-2019 14:32:41

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