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I wasn’t sure which section to post this question in, but can anyone or any mods give any feedback on when Jagex will be releasing inactive and banned account names again? Myself and I know many others have been very curious about this. Trying to make new accounts and just about every single name being taken right now is just hectic.

29-May-2019 21:27:50

CM Nick

CM Nick

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As of October, 2018, Mod Lyon had said there were no plans to do another one at present:

"[It is] at the discretion of Customer Support and others within Jagex about whether they feel one is justified. There are no plans to do another."
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29-May-2019 21:51:15

Malleus Duci
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Malleus Duci

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It is a bit annoying. Mainly just because there are so many name squatters... On the occasions that I have looked into changing names, almost every name I am interested in is taken. And they aren't common names, as I look them up on the high scores first and the names aren't listed there.

The high scores include people down to 38 levels... So these names are being held by accounts that aren't actually being used (legitimately anyway), and I'd guess it's just millions of names that just sit there for years, unusable by the people who actually play the game.

Maybe it should be "non-member who hasn't logged in for a year or more? Name removed." Maybe that's too severe... I'm not really suggesting it, it's just annoying is all.
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11-Jul-2019 04:03:02

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I do agree ther should be a timer on them, but not 1 month. Maybe start at a week for people with low total and scale up to 6 months for an easy to get total like 1.5k in osrs or 1.8k in rs3

11-Jul-2019 14:03:43



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I have just tried to log into my Runescape account, it should have the username "Bloatedpig" but for some reason it has "RitualMurda" I have mainly played OSRS on Bloatedpig, i also have emails from Jagex regarding billing for membership that I have paid for.

I have tried to put in an appeal but the bot has rejected it straight away. Can the Mods/Admins please help me sort this issue out as nothing in the support section seems to cover this. I am happy to provide email proof of the billing payments confirmed by Jagex.

Thank you.

11-Jul-2019 16:43:27

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Jeremy Cheng said:
Honestly the inactive period for inactive names should be reduced down to 1 month. Banned names should automatically be freed.

No, more like 3-5 years of inactivity, because you shouldn't punish ppl for having a social life.

11-Jul-2019 18:31:51

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