Molten glass??

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Hi all,

I've just tried to make molten glass, using soda ash and a bucket of sand, at a furnace. This does not seem to work anymore after the smithing rework, as i don't get an option to make molten glass? Has this been overlooked during the update, or am i doing something wrong?

Edit: Fritz the Glassblower on Entrana still tells me to use the furnace :( By the way: i've also tried a range and a fire, on which i can at least burn seaweed, but not make molten glass.

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From the Smelting Menu, you need to click on any of the 'casting metals' in the left column to open the crafting menu in the center. You'll need to scroll all the way down the center menu until you reach molten glass at the bottom.


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At the furnace, click on any one of the Casting Metals (silver, gold, iron, or steel). In the new window on the right, scroll to the bottom to find Molten Glass.

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