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Lil Aingeal said:
:createteam strange I know but I am not a multiplayer / team player and in some areas having npcs to run with, would be helpful

of course it would have to be restricted to areas / dungeons that are better run with a team of players, excluding the wilderness......

of course I would want a cheat that is restrictive with rewards as well, as I would like the chance to complete for good rewards but not a cheat that would see me gain all a teams rewards as a solo player using a team cheat....
Ideally the cheat would create 2 NPC mirror images of my character based on the main skills I am not using, IE If I am melee, I get ranged and mage NPCs that use my ranged and mage skills....

That would really be helpful, for those who don't want to subject themselves to the whims of others.
I'll gladly support this if you make it an actual suggestion in the suggestion forum.
One of the following doors might have a towel behind it: [gate 6] - [wall 9] - [fence 37]

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12-Jun-2019 19:09:12

Aethel Wolf
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Aethel Wolf

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The cheat code that unlocks every single door/gate/agility shortcuts in the world. That way I can finally rob the Varrock banks properly explore the beautiful landscapes all over Gielinor.

12-Jun-2019 22:05:38



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nightmare/survival mode (like the first post) everything and everyone aggro's everyone else including npcs world bosses dungeons bosses , all able to free roam across rs at will and in addition no banks will allow you to use them , total slaughter fest lol

also another cool one would be to be able to summon boss type monster anywhere in rs at any time (good for bot killing)

12-Jun-2019 23:15:45 - Last edited on 12-Jun-2019 23:17:18 by killjoyyzz

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